VIDEO: Moments of Time: Snails, Whales, and Rodents with Jared Heuck

What do fossil snails, whales, and rodents all have in common? Toothed baleen whales went extinct 23 million years ago; was the coast of Southern California a refuge for these whales long after they disappeared everywhere else? Join Alf Museum fossil preparatory, Jared Heuck, as he discusses his Master’s thesis on how these animals help complete our picture of Southern California’s complex geologic history.

Jared graduated from Montana State University, and was very active at the Museum of the Rockies during his time there. He is currently working on his master’s degree at California State University-Fullerton. As the preparator of the Malcom McKenna Fossil Preparation Lab, Jared is responsible for managing preparation projects and for the preparation, repair, and conservation of the museum’s fossil specimens. Jared also assists in teaching the Museum After School program.

The “Moments of Time” speaker series honors Ray Alf’s passion for science storytelling and features scientists and students from Webb and around the world. Join us on the second Thursday of each month for a story time like no other! As they say, every fossil is worth a 1,000 stories!

November 12, 2020

13:29 PM PST