Summer Program ’21 Brings Alumni Back to Campus

The Webb Junior Scholars returned to campus this summer, and with it brought several alumni from all over California, Maryland, Texas, and even internationally. The Webb Junior Scholars hosts rising 7th-, 8th-, and 9th-graders for a boarding-only learning experience in 4 tracks: Paleontology, Global Ethics, Science and Engineering, and Digital Arts.

The program is led by faculty and fellows which included several Webb Alumni. Alumni Fellows pictured are Apollo Thomas ’17 (CA, Pitzer College), Sydney Wuu ’20 (CA, Dartmouth College), Anne Lofgren ’19 (CA, Middlebury College), Amelie Cook ’20 (CA, AmeriCorps/Carleton College), Liam Gerken ’21 (CA, Tufts University), Dylan Wensley ’17 (CA, Occidental College), Chris Ndiritu ’20 (NJ, Skidmore College), and Jonas Gerken ’17 (CA, Tufts University).

Junior Scholars come from near and far, and we were able to connect with several alumni who brought their children to Webb! Clifford Rice ’92, Joanne Choi ’90, Heather Rohrer ’97, Al Stamires ’90, James Richards ’97, and Stephanie Baron ’96 were among the Californians to bring their students to the camp. We even welcomed Jason Woertink ’97 from Texas. To say it was great to see alumni back on campus again is an understatement!

July 23, 2021

11:13 AM PDT