The Webb Schools of Delicious Cookies

Over 290 boxes of delicious chocolate chip cookies were shipped to Webb’s young alumni in college this past February, just in time for their midterm exams.

Since the Dining Hall was closed, the Alumni Office reached out to the Webb community for help with this special tradition. A big thank you to Ayad and Trixie Fargo (parents of Mitchell ’17 and Max ’21) of Biscomerica for going out of their way to provide the cookies for this year’s mailing! And thank you to Max for delivering them to the Webb campus! When asked if they would be willing to help continue this annual tradition, the Fargos did not hesitate even for a moment before answering “Absolutely!”

Individually packaged for freshness, the cookies traveled across the country to colleges, universities, and homes in 28 states and Washington, D.C. before being devoured by grateful young alumni.

And although food is difficult to mail internationally, the Alumni Office made sure young alumni overseas were not forgotten, as they received packages filled with fun Webb swag.

Once cookies started hitting mailboxes, young alumni showed love and gratitude for their alma mater by sharing photos of their cookies and packages – on athletic fields, in the snow, with pets, and during late night study sessions. These posts and photos are a highlight for the Alumni Office each year. Check out the photos HERE from the young alumni. A huge thank you to all who participated!

March 20, 2021

14:00 PM PDT