VIDEO: Unwind with Webb featuring Drew Hersch ’19

Drew Hersch is a 19-year-old alternative artist based in Boulder, Colorado. His musical influences include Billie Eilish, Rex Orange County and Lana Del Rey. As part of our Unwind with Webb series, Drew performed live on Zoom and did a Q&A with co-hosts Ben Davis ’11 and Kathy Fredrich ’02, both members of the Alumni Council. Watch his performance below:

Drew has 10 years of theater experience and cites this as one of the most significant inspirations for his sound. “Theater is the sole explanation for my excessive use of violins, bass drums and gospel choir plug-ins. I learned the fundamentals of music in a melodramatic setting where crazy vocal warm-ups and large emotional orchestral climaxes were the norms, so this has inevitably bled into the music I make today.”

Drew is a minimalist at heart and a firm believer that good music can be created anywhere. At 17 years old, he recorded and produced his most popular track, “honey,” on Garageband using only a dirt-cheap microphone and a pair of earbuds. The 2019 track has since earned over half a million streams and now stands as evidence that a high budget is not the golden ticket to success. “If people like the song, they like the song.” Drew spent two years crafting his debut album, “sad boy summer,” with the same creative philosophy in mind.

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February 27, 2021

8:49 AM PST