VIDEO: Moments of Time with Dr. Andy Farke

Dr. Andy Farke, a horned dinosaur expert and the Augustyn Family Curator and Director of Research & Collections at the Alf Museum, was the featured speaker for the Moments of Time virtual event on August 13. “My life with Triceratops and its relatives has taken me across the globe, discovering new species in museum drawers, making plastic dinosaurs fight (for science!), and even developing a research collaboration based on a Facebook post,” says Farke. In this video, he shares just few stories behind the science, as well as some of the latest research on these wonderful horned dinosaurs.

Moments of Time is a new monthly series from the Alf Museum for all members of the Webb community. In this special speaker series honoring Dr. Ray Alf’s passion for science storytelling, the Alf Museum invites scientists and students from home and all over to share their stories of studying the past and the natural world. Join us the second Thursday of each month for a storytime like no other! As they say, every fossil is worth a 1,000 stories! Check the Events calendar for information about the next event!

August 19, 2020

12:49 PM PDT