VIDEO: Moments of Time with Dr. Don Lofgren

Sixty million years ago, the northern Mojave Desert was a tropical coastal environment populated by turtles, crocodiles and archaic mammals resembling squirrel-like primates. This evidence was entombed in the fossil-poor Goler Formation 130 miles north of Los Angeles, and it took five decades to unlock this paleontological mystery. The effort was led by Malcolm McKenna ’48, the late world-renowned paleontologist whose career was inspired by Ray Alf. McKenna enlisted a group of die-hard fossil enthusiasts (mostly Webbies) he called the “Goler Club.” After minimal success from 1950-1990, they eventually hit fossil pay dirt in 1999.

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Moments of Time is a new online series airing on the second Thursday of each month that honors Ray Alf’s passion for science storytelling and features scientists and students from Webb and around the world.

September 14, 2020

13:55 PM PDT