VIDEO: Moments of Time with Gabe Santos

A fossil is worth a 1,000 stories! Some paleontologists, they dedicate their careers to finding those stories, while others, they choose to tell them. That’s what Gabriel Santos has chosen to do. On this installment of our Moments of Time series, meet Alf Museum collections manager and outreach coordinator Gabriel Santos. As a paleontologist and educator, he is always looking for innovative and fun ways to engage audiences in learning paleontology. Whether its using his own research to tell science stories or connecting science in pop culture using cosplay, Gabriel is always up for the challenge in creating his own path as a paleontologist.

Gabriel Santos is the collections manager and outreach coordinator for the Alf Museum. He previously studied the evolution of marine mammals in Southern California, but is now focused on science education as the co-founder of the Cosplay for Science Initiative and a National Geographic certified educator.

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About Moments of Time
Moments of Time is a new online series airing on the second Thursday of each month that honors Ray Alf’s passion for science storytelling and features scientists and students from Webb and around the world.

October 12, 2020

13:40 PM PDT