VIDEO: Webb Together Online with Yosh Han ’89

Meditation and mindfulness are easy and useful ways to create space for yourself and bring attention and awareness to the present moment. Yosh Han is a Reiker healer and a recognized aura reader, who for the last couple of years, has worked and traveled around the world.   

Hear about her Webb experience and learn some basic meditation skills in this 30 minute video.

Webb Together Online is a new series that features members of the Webb community and offers interactive events to bring together students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends.

Yosh Han is a nose, super taster, level 1 Sommelier and judge for the Art and Olfaction awards. While she loves to teach and speak about these subjects, she enjoys creative collaborations with other artists in these fields. Yosh is also a Reiki healer and clairvoyant and reads auras privately, around the world and on stage. She was voted best aura reader by Refinery 29 in 2012. Yosh has curated and hosted Scent and Ceremony dinners around the world. Her work has been featured in Vanity Fair, NY Times, LA Times, Vogue, Bloomberg, Elle and others. Some of her past clients include: IDEO, DARPA, Four Seasons Resorts, and UC Berkeley. Yosh is currently a Creative in Residence at The Battery and the founder of her eponymous fragrance house, Eau de YOSH. She’s currently producing a digital scent festival @scent_festival @eaudeyosh

April 23, 2020

12:38 PM PDT