Webb Honors Janet Heald with Robinson Award

Janet Heald, a 25-year employee of The Webb Schools, has received the 2022-23 Joan Robinson Staff Distinguished Service Award for her years of dedicated support for the school’s mission.

Chief Advancement Officer Bob Fass recognized Heald with the award on September 30, during Webb’s 2022-23 Family Weekend.

Heald, an administrative assistant for the Advancement Office and a front desk staff member, has toiled behind the scenes to provide stellar service to Webb’s families, donors and her colleagues, Fass said. Heald’s work has supported three of Webb’s comprehensive campaigns.

“It is said that the true test of character is doing the right thing when no one is looking,” Fass said. “Today, we get to honor a staff member who consistently does the right thing while seeking no public recognition whatsoever. In her 25 years of service to Webb, she has worked tirelessly. Ask anyone who knows her, and you will hear about her kindness, her empathy and her willingness to lend a hand.”

Heald was joined by her family after the award was announced.

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October 1, 2022

13:00 PM PDT