Webb Honors Stephen Caddy for Teaching Excellence

Stephen Caddy, who teaches Integrated Math 1 and Precalculus, is this year’s recipient of the Jean E. Miller Excellence in Teaching Award.

The Miller Award was established and endowed by the Affiliates, Webb’s parent volunteer organization, in honor of Vivian Webb School’s second headmistress. The award recognizes a teacher who has made an outstanding impact on The Webb Schools and has served the schools for more than three years. The recipient is determined by a preferential ballot among teachers, parents and students. The award includes a stipend for the recipient’s use in professional growth activities.

Director of Studies Michael Hoe conferred the award during Webb’s 2022 Commencement Exercises on June 4.

“Positive. Super high energy. Caring. Enthusiastic. Passionate. Canada. These are some of the first words that came to mind when I asked people to describe Mr. Stephen Caddy,” Hoe said.

“Simply put, Mr. Caddy is an impact teacher. In the math classroom, Mr. Caddy inspires students through his energetic, accessible and supportive approach. Mr. Caddy’s impact on our volleyball program is hard to sum up in just a few words. However, in short, Mr. Caddy took a program that was struggling to field just enough players to play a game, to a deep, thriving and extremely successful program – touting multiple wins, league championships and CIF appearances.”

Caddy has served as a lead class advisor for multiple years, setting the tone for each class. He’s also made an impact that goes far beyond his official roles.

“Whether it is taking students curling over the weekends or starting the infamous Webb Street Hockey League, it is safe to say that Mr. Caddy’s enthusiasm for life has permeated through our community since the day he stepped foot on campus,” Hoe said.

June 6, 2022

14:00 PM PDT