Webb Hosts Family Day 2021

Webb welcomed parents from across the globe for Family Day 2021 on Oct. 8, a program that celebrated the return to in-person instruction and Webb’s residential program in 2021-22 after more than a year rocked by pandemic-driven disruptions.

Head of Schools Taylor B. Stockdale captured the sense of momentum and vigor that has characterized Webb’s return.

“Webb, in our 100th year, is indeed thriving,” Stockdale told families. “Our admissions have never been stronger, our academic program, never more dynamic, engaging and relevant. Our museum is truly world class and offers our students unparalleled opportunities for studying life on our planet. Our faculty and staff, never stronger, and our leadership on the board, never more thoughtful and generous.”

Family members helped to celebrate Webb teachers, staff and coaches during the event, as well as receiving information about Webb’s college guidance and academic support programs. Webb volleyball and football games and a social gathering completed the event.

October 14, 2021

16:02 PM PDT