Webb’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

This summer, in a series of letters and social media posts, Webb’s leadership responded to the call for support of and solidarity with its Black students, parents, faculty and alumni—and to further strengthen its commitment to being an anti-racist institution.

“On Monday, in a letter to our entire community, we decried the violence in the killing of George Floyd – and, so many more Black Americans over this country’s history. We also explained that as an educational institution we play a critical role in moving our nation forward. We write again today to reiterate and further emphasize our conviction. And we also want to provide more detail on the actions Webb has taken and will continue to take.

“First and foremost, we stand in solidarity with our Black students, parents, alumni, and faculty–– not only in this difficult and heart wrenching time, but always. The persistent racism and the associated aggression that you endure are unacceptable. As our Monday letter stated, it must stop and we must do all that is required to stop it.

“We also want you to know that we are a committed anti-racist institution. To us, this means that we recognize institutional racism and are working together to address it and oppression. To us, this means we stand behind people of color in our community, that we want them to know – and feel – that they are fully a part of Webb. To us, this means committing to an ongoing process of education and growth as an institution.

“This work must be driven by action and deliberate practice. We know we have a long way to go, and yet we also see our community evolving in significant ways. Here are a few of the actions that Webb has undertaken recently. We have charted our way with the creation in 2018 of a codified companion to our Mission Statement, entitled “Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.” We also administered the National Association of Independent School’s Assessment for Inclusivity and Multiculturalism. That assessment spurred the creation of a faculty and staff Committee on Diversity & Inclusion to help draft new goals for Webb in the year ahead…”  

September 30, 2020

10:21 AM PDT