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A Record 125 College Visits to Webb in 2016-2017

The Ivy League. Women’s Colleges. National Liberal Arts & Sciences. Art Schools. Science & Engineering. This year 125 colleges and universities from across the country and around the world will visit the Webb campus and meet with students and staff. Always an impressive list, this year more than any other, Webb is particularly honored by the number of selective colleges interested in Webb and its students.

Columbia and Cornell, Amherst and Williams, Wellesley and Smith, Stanford and Georgetown, USC and NYU, The Claremont Colleges, and so many others are embracing the opportunity to visit and share news about their campuses and academic programs. Webb will also welcome by year-end a number of institutions from the interesting cohort highlighted in Colleges That Change Lives, including Willamette University, Whitman College, Reed College, Ursinus College, University of Puget Sound and others. Even the much written about Minerva Schools at KGI has visited Webb this year to promote its one-of-a-kind, four-year, seven international cities undergraduate program.

“Every year I am so proud that the best colleges and universities in the world are excited to meet Webb students and learn about their goals and ambitions—and to find out what they might add to their campuses. We consistently have more schools visiting each year than we have students in the senior class. I always tell our students that we can’t take this generosity for granted. We all ride on the coattails (and accomplishments) of the Webb graduates who have come before,” said Hector Martinez, director of college guidance.

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  • Autumn Rabe Richards ’97 and James Richards ’97 were married in Vivian Webb Chapel.

    Webb Sweethearts: Stories From Alumni Couples

    Danielle Gordon & Jessica Rice
    From high school sweethearts to alumni who were married in Vivian Webb Chapel, Webb has been the site of many romances over the years. Here are a few stories from alumni who met on Webb’s beautiful campus.
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  • Visual artist Rachel Lee Zheng '12

    Rachel Lee Zheng ’12 to Open First Solo Exhibition in NYC

    Jessica Rice ’12
    Using monofilament and LED spotlights, visual artist Rachel Lee Zheng ’12 creates large-scale installations that transform dark gallery spaces into meditative environments filled with lines and beams of color.
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  • The Week @ Webb - Together in January

    Scott Nichols
    The Week @ Webb is a periodic photojournal of events on and off Webb's campus. Did it feel like January lasted 31,000 days instead of just 31? I know that for me, it's important to spend as much time as I can with other people when life gets really busy. We all do better when we surround ourselves with friends and family and that's what I tried to capture in this latest gallery.
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  • Webb Completes CAIS/WASC Accreditation Process

    Taylor Stockdale
    Taking stock. This is how it begins—simply though completely. After more than a year of planning, gathering data, meeting, discussing, writing and rewriting—and after a four-day campus stay by our CAIS/WASC visiting committee (California Association of Independent Schools / Western Association of Schools and Colleges)—the evaluation work is done. 
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