What a Great Education Means to Me

Taylor Stockdale
A good education is important – vitally important. It allows you to reason, to calculate, to think creatively, to understand, and have perspective. Grounded in the liberal arts, it can provide the historical context to evaluate and detect patterns, to judge and formulate sound self-government. Pursuits in the arts drive the heart of our language and culture. Studies in science and math are the very foundations of medicine and engineering which of course lead to innovation, product conceptualization, design, and manufacturing which eventually leads to economic growth and development.

A good education is vital in many, many respects – but a great education takes you a step further. A great education prepares you to care, to have empathy, to be heroic, and to take action.

Webb strives day in and day out to fulfill both callings – to be a good school in which you are prepared for success, and a great school in which you are prepared for the inevitable, unforeseen challenges of life. I’ve always felt the difference between an ordinary person and a leader is in the way the person handles the latter.

We offer not only a highly-rigorous and wonderfully-balanced curriculum yielding terrific acceptance records into the nations’ most competitive colleges, but we also have a commitment to reaching out and helping others.

Since my time here, several superb examples of this great education come to mind, such as my former student, Dr. Rahmi Mowjood ’90, who went over to Sri Lanka following the Tsunami in a massive relief effort.

Or Dr. Katy Carr White ‘87, who told me once that she didn’t really even want to become a medical doctor, but that she did so because she felt it was the best way to help people who were suffering the most. She’s worked in clinics in the worst areas of Mexico and India and is currently setting up clinics in South-Central L.A.

Or Jan Mitchell ’86 who led the charge in helping those who suffered during the Houston floods of 2001.

Or the way in which the entire Webb community came to the aid of Laurel Scherer ’89 when she lost her home in the mud slides in Laguna several years ago.

Or the way in which the entire Webb community came to aid of Drew Hubbell ’80 when he lost his home in the fires of San Diego.

And the list goes on, and on. It’s not just our alumni, but the whole school community - our annual toy and food drives, the dramatic growth of the service council, international service trips to Ecuador and Peru, and this spring to Fiji, just to name a few.

The students at Webb are in a community that is teaching them things much larger than how to lead a successful life. The small class sizes, the fabulous facilities, the technology, the college counseling – it’s all very impressive when you compare it to any school in the nation. But there’s something else at work here – an education that runs far deeper, preparing you for more. It comes through in such activities as peccary trips, chapel talks, Webb Day, Honor Committee events, ASB activities, retreats, and formal dinners, or just being with your friends and teachers – living here together on this campus, learning to care for one another. It’s all in an effort to give you the experiences you will need, and the passion you deserve, to lead successful lives and to make the country and world a better place.

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Alumni News

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  • L to R: Rachael Schiffris ’11, Katherine Kilmer ’10, Ed Ratinoff ’83, Sarah Sun ’10, Ariel Fan ’10

    Networking Essentials with Webb Alumni

    Michael Simonelli
    On January 12, 2019 five accomplished alumni returned to campus for our first ever Networking Essentials with Webb Alumni session. The panel of speakers represented several industries including law, real estate, green energy and marketing. Eager students spent their Saturday afternoon with our incredible alumni learning about the vital skills needed to effectively network and succeed in the increasingly complex job market. Each panelist spoke about a different aspect of networking and gave a brief background of their journey after Webb.
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  • Young alumni panel at the Affiliates meeting

    Young Alumni Return to Webb

    During the first week back from winter break, students and parents had a chance to hear from young alumni about their experiences at college including managing academics and being away from home, maintaining a healthy mind and body, as well as a panel on college athletics.
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  • Marcelo Leonardi '94 Receives Distinguished Coaching Award

    USA Water Polo has announced Marcelo Leonardi '94 as the Midwest Zone recipient of the Sandy Nitta Distinguished Coaching Award. Leonardi is the Head Coach of the women's water polo team at the University of Michigan.
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  • Holiday Events in Los Angeles & San Francisco

    We enjoyed seeing alumni, parents and friends at the holiday events in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
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Webb News

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  • Fall/Winter 2019

    “The process of finding the right college is more often than not riddled with anxiety for both students and their families. It is paradoxically both increasingly complex and more streamlined than ever. Technology allows students to simply add multiple colleges to the Common Application with a few clicks. And yet the convenience doesn’t reflect the intricate web of criteria that factor into applying to one college over another.”
    So opens the feature to our recent issue of WEBB Magazine. Reported and written by Christopher Michno, the piece delves into the myths and truths intertwined in the college admission process. He also offers up a series of personal success stories from recent Webb alumni now thriving at Stanford, Columbia, UC Berkeley and beyond. Part two follows young alumni who chose colleges related to their avocations—like art, business, engineering and others. The feature photography is done by Elisa Ferrari and focuses on the beautiful and varied architecture of the Claremont Colleges.
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  • Winter Dance Performance

    The Winter Dance Show 2019 UN / covered - is an exploration in what it means to cover and uncover - in music, dance, costuming, and text. Featuring choreography by dance coach and Webb faculty member Michael Szanyi and senior dance students, the show highlights self-expression through movement. How do we make something known? How do we bring that to light? By uncovering dance, the show asks audience members to explore how the study of movement informs their human experience.
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  • The Art & Science of Decision Making

    It is no accident, I believe, that at this very moment there is a riveting tale in The New Yorker  about the art and science of decision making. Or, at least, not an accident that I found it and read it. Here at Webb, at this time of year, there is no shortage of students and families making some of the most important decisions (they believe) of their lives--from admission to and enrollment at Webb, to college admission for our seniors. Joshua Rothman rights beautifully about it here, bringing in examples from Darwin, Tolstoy, the modern parent and more. Read it in The New Yorker.
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  • Dr. Farke & Alf Museum in The Washington Post

    Augustyn Family Curator and Director of Research & Collections Andrew Farke is quoted today in The Washington Post on the impact of the federal government shutdown on fieldwork planning for paleontologists. Beyond the impact on visitor centers at such places as Dinosaur National Monument and the Petrified Forest National Park, research and fieldwork on federal lands has been dramatically affected, too. Read more in The Washington Post.
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