Student Perspective Series: Namibia Through One-Picture

Juliana Romeo '17
Growing up, I would much rather read, Where’s Waldo than a Judy Blume novel. I would spend hours playing “eye spy with my little eye” with my sister. I have always been more drawn to images than words, and I find it easier to express myself in images rather than words.

My parents believe that the world is a classroom, and they have taken my sister and me to visit many National Parks throughout the United States, over two-dozen countries, and five of the seven continents. It was on these trips that I had my first encounters with a camera. I took many pictures of the places we visited, but I didn’t see myself as a photographer until our trip to Kenya in 2013. We came upon a lion one morning on safari, and I was in awe of his grace and majesty. I took many pictures of him, trying to capture what it was about him that took my breath away. Since that time, I have been trying to capture in pictures the powerful emotions that so many places and experiences evoke in me.

Last summer, I participated in a National Geographic Student Expedition through Namibia in Africa. I spent three weeks visiting wildlife conservancies, performing tranquilizations on cheetahs, hiking up sand dunes, sand boarding, and interacting with Namibians. Through the photography expert on my trip, I was exposed to the concept of a “one-picture story”. One-picture stories are single images that capture the emotions, reactions, and ambiances of a singular moment in time. Through candid group photos, animal behaviors, or my own streaks of hair, these one-picture stories accurately document and portray the beauty, lighting, biodiversity, and extreme experiences of my expedition through Namibia. Each of these photos should be viewed as a single story. I hope that audiences can grasp the essence of my trip through this collection of images.

Student Perspective Series: Juliana Romero '17 Namibia

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