Looking Ahead at Webb's Fall Sports

VWS Volleyball
As the 2017 VWS volleyball season has officially begun, 14 varsity girls, along with our JV and frosh teams, have started their practices. The charge for the coaches with this years young team will be the development and growth of players. As long as they keep the game in control and play smart, Vivian Webb should prove a competitive team. The goal for this season is to continue where they left off last year, building the program to its maximum strength and developing skills, such as working collectively as a unit. They will without a doubt grow tremendously throughout the year to get where they need to be by the time playoffs roll around.
Head coach Destinee Sales has high hopes for the new and returning players: “As a coach, my expectation for my new players on varsity is to acclimate them as soon as possible to their new surroundings. Varsity is much more mentally and physically demanding than their previous teams and I want to get each and every one of them up to speed so they are comfortable playing with veterans. Because such a large percentage of our team this year is newcomers it is important to us that we buy into the system that has proven to be successful. Understanding that they do have a large role and have the ability to be just as impactful as returning varsity players.” —Ivy Liu '19
WSC Water Polo
WSC varsity water polo has a positive outlook for the season with Head Coach Howie Kalter and a great team of returning and new athletes. Coach Kalter expresses, “A lot of last years varsity backups will have some big roles to play as well as the junior varsity players stepping into varsity roles. So it will be an exciting year for many players who have been in the program because they will be experiencing central roles within the team.”

The returning varsity players (Phil Kraus '18, Jordan Noelte '18, Will Donahue '18, Robert Torrance '19, and Euson Hui '18) will be an asset as leaders for the rest of the team. With both JV and varsity players, the team is 20 in total.
Coach Kalter hopes that this season can expand and build on the hard work of the last few seasons. He is encouraging focus and concentration, especially in the first part of the season, to prepare the players for the hard games coming up. Happily, he admits that so far the team has gone above and beyond his expectations for this goal, which will translate to better results in games.
Sonia Malik '18
WSC Football
WSC football has started this year with two blowout wins and the coaches and players alike are looking forward to a great season full of hard work and dedication. Coach Amahl Thomas and the team’s captains (Ryan Place '18, Spencer Easley '18, Ryan Vidales '18, and Matt Martinez '19) have begun working with the team of returners and a large influx of 16 new players. Coach Thomas feels confident in the team’s new recruits, describing them as “a great group of athletes who will be great players and young men” and intends on helping them improve their own skills.
They are looking forward to a successful season, with many returning starters, including Nick Johnson '19, Ryan Place, Simon Dawson '19, Spencer Easley, JJ Cunningham '19, Matt Martinez, and Steven Abouchedid '18. This year they will work toward Coach Thomas’ overall goal to “compete for and win league, which has not been done at Webb in 25 years” that will guarantee the team’s chance to go to CIF playoffs. Maddie Stoddard '18
VWS Golf
Coming in at its fourth year, Vivian Webb’s golf season is just beginning with exciting games to come! This fall’s golf team is incorporating several new players along with their senior players who’ve been in the program since its launch. Senior returners include April Bi '18, Anne Jiang '18, Isabell Liu '18, Victoria Liu '18 and Doris Wang '18.
Coach Sanchez’ excitement about the team’s “ecstatic” progress in 2016 has persevered into the 2017 season. Recapping the 2016-2017 fall season, the girls finished with 6 wins and 4 league wins with 13 outstanding players. Hopefully the girls will kickstart the season with smashing play as long as the heat doesn’t get in the way. In fact, the team’s first game against Mayfield Senior School was cancelled on Thursday at Marshall Canyon due to the rising heat wave. Vivian Webb will begin their first league game on Tuesday, September 5, against Rowland at Royal Vista Golf Course. —Victoria Castro '18
VWS Cross Country
For Geoff Owers, the VWS cross country team’s head coach, the goal for the 2017 season is to see the team gel together and become a family and to make sacrifices through hard work, be it running up and down hills, completing long runs, or doing reinforcing speed work.
Returning seniors for the VWS cross country team are Sarah Hebb, Anissa Medina, Grace Kirkland, Anjali Reddy, Anya Vincent, Madison Steinorth, and Skyler Rivera. Some of the expectations for the season are seeing the new athletes find enthusiasm, embrace the sport of distance running, develop a stronger work ethic, and be willing to trust their leadership (team captains are Sarah Hebb, Anissa Medina, Anya Vincent, and Anne Lofgren).
This year’s team looks to represent unity, a healthy work ethic, the desire for results, and an enthusiastic approach—that started to increase a few years ago—that will hopefully endure into post season . This year, the team is likely to be led by freshman, Lily Miller, and perhaps this season will be one where the veterans find some inspiration from seeing the enthusiasm and hunger of newcomers. “The lead that the team captains are showing this season is very impressive,” said Coach Owers, “and it’s great (as a coach) to see these girls growing in leadership and to see the younger athletes follow them with great trust and respect.” —Allegra McDermott '18

WSC Cross Country
WSC cross country is poised for a fulfilling season, according to Coach Brian Caldwell. “The runners’ team goals are to win league and advance into the playoffs,” said Caldwell. The returning seniors for this year are Andrew Tarakji, Bryan Wei, David Qian, Jackson Bibbens, Jim Wan, Kevin Wang, Lawrence Tsutsumi, Matt Brailsford, Mike Liu, Steven Dai, and Tom Liu. Caldwell’s goal is to develop young men into athletes who have strong character and develop good habits. Each runner’s individual goals are many; they range from losing weight to eating right to getting in shape for their winter sport, among others.
Expectations for the 37 new athletes are to make every workout. “This year’s season will differ from last year because we are missing our top two runners from last year, so we will have to rely on every runner to perform at our big meets in order to accomplish the team goals,” said Caldwell. —Allegra McDermott '18

VWS Tennis
Fresh from earning an 8-7 overall record and a third consecutive league title, the Vivian Webb School’s tennis team is ready to set the bar even higher in the 2017-18.
Captains Macy Huang '18 and Thea Kirkpatrick '18 along with Coach Mr. Ron Martinez are poised to lead the squad to continued levels of success in the season ahead. The 2017-18 team consists of seniors Sonny Wang and Bella Kong, juniors Winona Dodds, Christine Zhang, Cindy Zhang, Sophia Li, Emma Qin, Emily Schoffman, and sophomores Isabelle Saad, Sydney Wuu, and Jenna Zhao, who will also contribute to the team’s success this year. The team has set its goals to “win league, play well, stay confident and be the best team in the league that bonds together strong.”

The Vivian Webb School’s tennis team opened their fall season with a 14-4 win to Garey, giving them the confidence to prep for their first league match in two weeks against Fairmont Preparatory at La Habra Tennis Center. —Vivian Jia '18

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