Week of Sports, November 27-December 2

WSC Soccer
Last Thursday, on November 30, the WSC varsity soccer team secured their first win with a 1-0 victory over Tarbut V Torah in their first game of the season. Toward the end of the first half, assisted by Kellen Willmore ’20, Takim Myhre ’18 made the critical goal that laid the foundation for the win. Kellen Willmore ’20 had an outstanding performance throughout the whole game. Luke Gonzales’19, along with his teammates, cleverly devised several shots even though they couldn’t turn out on the scoreboard. In the second half, JJ Cunningham ’19 did a great job saving a number of shots from the opposing team. This year, head coach Greg Gerken is working hard to create a very fine team of soccer players with many young and new faces.

On December 2, the Webb varsity boy’s soccer team travelled all the way to Lancaster to play two games in the Lancaster tournament. In the morning, the team played against Riverside Prep, their former CIF opponent two years ago. The boys worked hard during the entire game, with Lawrence Tsutsumi ’18 and Takim Myhre ’18 attempting to score multiple times. However, the opponent scored their first goal from a penalty kick, and errors on Webb’s part led Riverside to the next two goals. Webb lost 3-0.

In the afternoon, the team played against West Shores. Knowing that they were going up against a formidable opponent that has just dropped from Division 3 to 5, the team still played strong. The Gauls were not discouraged by their loss in the morning, and instead rose up and tied the game at 0-0. Despite their many attempts, the Gauls couldn’t score, but JJ Cunningham ’19 was able to save the team from a deficit. —Doris Wang '18

WSC Basketball
The WSC Gaul’s varsity basketball team is off to a shaky start this season with their first loss against Sherman Indian (53-57) in the non-league Webb Tournament (11/30-12/02). However, Coach Duque remains optimistic, and hopes that they will win the next two games the following days of thetournament, especially because the incremental five point shave is manageable.

The WSC Gaul’s basketball team are back on track with a win against Western Christian in the continuation of the non-league tournament (66-35) hosted by Webb. Some highlights include multiple fantastic 3pt-shots from Kia Nalbandi (‘18), Nicholas Johnson (‘19), and London Tyck (‘20). Kia, Nicholas, and London scored the most points coming at 13pts (Kia), 13pts (London), and 16pts (Nicholas). They are ready to play against Oakwood on Saturday at 2:30 in hopes of earning the fourth place spot.

Congratulations to the WSC Gaul’s basketball team as they earned the fourth place spot in the tournament ending on a positive note with 2 wins and 1 loss. WSC won their match against Oakwood scoring a whopping 69 points while their opponents were only able to scrap up 56 points. The varsity team played with only 7 players, one of which came from the JV team, due to members having injuries. Coach Duque remarks, “Personally feeling really good where we are at right now. Love the effort and focus the guys are giving.” —Victoria Castro '18

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