The Affiliates

The Affiliates

The Affiliates is the parent organization at Webb whose purpose is to further the interests of Webb and the Alf Museum. This vital organization promotes fellowship among members and assists the schools and museum as needed for special events, athletic and arts programs as well as many other programs. For information on becoming an active member with the Affiliates, or for any other parent questions or information needs, please contact Anne Stewart, Director of Parent Relations and Special Events at or (909) 482-5245.

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  • Appointed Officers

    Athletic Liaison
    Organizes parent volunteers for our athletic teams
    Hilary Hanson-Jung (P '15, '17 & '19)

    Fine Arts Liaisons
    Supports all of the art disciplines
    Nadia Saad (P '20)
    Museum Liaison
    Assists in projects and activities of the Alf Museum
    Letitia Najera (P '18)

    Parent Relations Liaison – Staff member
    Anne Stewart (P '11, '14 & '17)
    Director of Parent Relations & Special Events

    Webb Fund Parent Chair
    Oversees Class Agents and works with Director of the Webb Fund
    Mamta Desai (Annika '17 & Anjali '21)

    Ways and Means
    Kathie West (Lauren '14 & Leah '18)
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  • Class Representatives

    Class Representatives support school activities and attend monthly Affiliate meetings to report on class activities.

    Vivian Webb School
    Jessica Govias-Vincent (Anya '18)
    Jenny Kong (Bella '18)
    Amy Stoddard (Maddie '18)

    Julie Wanger (Claire '19)

    Ruth Yang (Amanda '20)

    Thu Phung (Alice '21)
    Jackie Martinez (Ashley '21)

    Webb School of California

    Irma Vidales (Ryan '18)

    Michelle Paik (Nathan '19)

    Melissa Becker (Jonathan '20)
    Angelique Lazier (Cayden '20)

    Wendy Maschler (Johnathon '21)
    Karen Shigenaka (Jacob '21)
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Presides over all meeting of the Affiliates and appoints officers
Jenny Kong (Elisa '15 & Bella '18)

First Vice Presidents
Organizes back to school functions and New Parent Welcome Tea
Tracy Tanidjaja (Catherine '19)
Michelle Paik (Michael '14, Matthew '16 & Nathan '19)

Second Vice Presidents
Organizes the annual Affiliates fundraiser

Christina Sego (Cole '19 & Ethan '21)
Laura Romero (Jessica '12, James '15 & Victoria '20)

Third Vice President
Organizes student events
Jessica Vincent (Josh '14 & Anya '18)
Melissa Becker (Jonathan '20)

Business Office Liaison
Manages Affiliates budget
Arman Ariane (Parsa '17 & Kourosh '19)

Recording Secretary
Records meeting minutes and distributes them accordingly
Victoria Raus (Peter '18 & Luke '20)

Corresponding Secretary
Conducts the correspondence of the organization
Erin Torrance (Shannon '15 & Robert '19)
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