Webb Arts

Visual Arts

Webb’s visual arts program gives students the opportunity to work in traditional and modern media. Drawing, painting, sculpting, photographing, filming, animating – student artists learn to translate their creativity in multiple forms. Our program is designed for both beginning students with little or no background in the visual arts and advanced students ready to build a portfolio.

Tony Xiong '19

Tony Xiong '19

Deanna Oei '20

Deanna Oei '20

Sam Scudder '18

Victoria Castro '17

Marie Blake '22

Wyatt Albert '17

Vivian Ja '18

Meg Horejsi Fine Arts Faculty Perry Award

Art Facility

Art Studio and Digital Media Lab

Visual arts students use drawing, painting, 3D design and printing, sculpting, ceramics and other techniques to explore and reflect upon their world with creativity. The art studio includes wood-working equipment, a smelting furnace, a ceramics wheel, a kiln and student gallery space.

In addition to these physical mediums, Webb offers a dynamic Media Arts program honing a student’s skills in videography, sound editing, and digital photography editing and processing. Utilizing a lab full of the latest Mac desktop and laptop computers, the Media Arts Lab also features several 3D printers.