Language and Culture

World Languages

The World Languages Department offers a full program of study in Spanish, French and Chinese. Students acquire proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing and as well as an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. The initial two years of language provide a means to develop a good accent, to master the basic structures of contemporary Spanish, French and Chinese, to hear the language extensively in the classroom, to read increasingly more complex texts and to develop a functional conversational vocabulary.

In the intermediate-level courses, cultural and literary studies provide the contextual milieu for pursuing proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Advanced study in modern languages allows students to continue to increase their proficiency in the four skill areas while following a course of study that provides university-level challenges.

French class
Camino de Santiago
World Languages
Malick Mbengue teaching

World Languages Faculty

Roberto Ayala

Cal State Fullerton – B.A.
UC Irvine – M.A.
Loyola-Marymount University – M.A.


Sonsoles Cardalliaguet

Central Espanol Nuevas Profesiones de Madrid – B.A.
Universidad de Leon – M.A.


Morgan Kapp

Teacher, Dean of Faculty
Bucknell University – B.A.
Middlebury College – M.A.


Michael Kozden

Teacher, World Languages Department Chair
Penn State University – B.A., M.A.
School for International Training – M.A.


Malick Mbengue

University of Dakar – B.A.
University of Louisville – M.A.


Viviana Nicolosi

Marquette University – B.A.
Université de Montpellier РLicence de Lettres
New York University – M.A.
Boise State University – Certificate


Joseph Vincent

Teacher, International Student Advisor
Reed College – B.A.
National Taiwan University – M.A.


Course of Study

Courses begin with basic instruction in each language and range through level five in Chinese, level four French and Spanish. Webb offers honors courses as well as Advanced Placement Language & Culture in Chinese, French and Spanish. and AP Spanish Literature & Culture.

In addition, juniors and seniors may take additional languages as independent study with Webb teachers, online or at the Claremont Colleges along with their Spanish, French or Chinese course. These language options have included Arabic, Latin and Japanese.

Webb’s highly experienced and passionate faculty bring decades of experience. They are well traveled, living in many different countries. Many speak multiple languages. Together, they provide an immense variety of authentic resources and teaching strategies to motivate all types of learners.¬† Our program is student centered, featuring learning activities that range from skits and games to debates and cooking, from film-making to cultural projects.

The program is supported by a host of student language and culture clubs and a weekend trips program that create a rich calendar of campus events and field trips around traditional activities and celebrations.

And, finally, Webb students enjoy the option to engage in international travel, study and service trip opportunities to countries across the world. Past trips include: France, Spain, China, Mexico, Belize, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, South Africa, Greece, United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, Japan and Thailand.