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Summer Programs
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Global Ethics

Global Ethics

The major political and social issues our world faces—including environmental protection, immigration, economic development, and human rights—affect all nations and are not restricted to national boundaries. Join peers from around the world in uncovering the complexity behind these issues. In this course, you will participate in a series of case studies and simulations that offer the opportunity to deliberate on and debate the very same issues that community leaders around the globe confront. What constitutes an ethical decision? How do different belief systems and traditions shape ethical decision making? How can a community promote economic growth while protecting its natural resources? Who is entitled to what rights? What responsibility do nations have to one another? In addition, interactive challenges will help you develop skills required to explore ethical decisions: communication, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and empathy.


  • Expand your understanding of global and national affairs through case studies and global forum simulations.
  • Sharpen your research and debate skills to allow you to better advocate for the issues you care about.
  • Learn how to foster teamwork and collaboration in experiential challenges, including a high ropes course.
  • Engage with professionals leading change.
  • Volunteer for a local community initiative.

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