Summer Programs
Summer Programs
Junior Scholars Program

Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering

Science & Engineering

Learn how to ask probing scientific questions and design hands-on experiments in this 10-day study of science & engineering. This course will guide students to think like scientists as they engage in research in our cutting-edge advanced science lab. From chemistry to neuroscience and robotics to marine biology, students will be immersed in real science. Working in the lab, students will use everything from Bunsen burners and beakers to circuit boards and microscopes in order to construct an understanding of how the world works.

  • Engage in 10-days of hands-on lab research in our cutting edge advanced science lab facility.
  • Learn to create a unique research question and design an experiment.
  • Meet professional scientists and engineers and learn about their work through field trips around the Los Angeles area to real world labs, such as JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory).
  • Design and compete in an engineering challenge with other junior scholars.

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Dr. Susanna Linsley
Director of Summer Programs
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