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Junior Scholars

Come experience the wonders of boarding school life this summer at Webb. We offer an amazing opportunity for students advancing into grades 7, 8, and 9. Our Junior Scholars Program is one-of-a-kind with special concentrations in paleontology, leadership, digital arts, and science and engineering.

Summer At Webb

Summer Programs

Learn how to ask probing scientific questions and design hands-on experiments in this 10-day study of science & engineering. This course will guide students to think like scientists as they engage in research in our cutting-edge advanced science lab. From chemistry to neuroscience and robotics to marine biology, students will be immersed in real science. Working in the lab, students will use everything from Bunsen burners and beakers to circuit boards and microscopes in order to construct an understanding of how the world works.



  • Engage in 10-days of hands-on lab research in our cutting edge advanced science lab facility.
  • Learn to create a unique research question and design an experiment.
  • Meet professional scientists and engineers and learn about their work through field trips around the Los Angeles area to real world labs, such as JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory).
  • Design and compete in an engineering challenge with other junior scholars.

Students in the Paleontology program will be immersed in the world of the research paleontologist as they learn the latest methods and technologies for reconstructing our prehistoric world. The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology at The Webb Schools is a one-of-a-kind science research institution: a nationally-accredited museum housed on the school campus. With a collection of over 175,000 specimens, including rare discoveries spanning 500 million years of global history, the museum is a perfect site for students to dig into science and explore the fossil record.



  • Learn alongside world-renowned paleontologists through hands-on work with real fossils in the Alf Museum’s state-of-the-art research and fossil prep labs.
  • Go into the field, investigating the tide pools on Solana Beach and finding connections with the fossil record, and explore the museums of Los Angeles, such as the Natural History Museum and California Science Center.
  • Travel through the cosmos at Webb’s own Hefner Observatory, housing a Celestron-14 telescope
  • Create 3-D prints of fossils and catalog your fossil finds so they can be placed into the permanent collection of the Alf Museum with your name listed as identifier.

The major political and social issues our world faces—including environmental protection, immigration, economic development, and human rights—affect all nations and are not restricted to national boundaries. Join peers from around the world in uncovering the complexity behind these issues. In this course, you will participate in a series of case studies and simulations that offer the opportunity to deliberate on and debate the very same issues that community leaders around the globe confront. What constitutes an ethical decision? How do different belief systems and traditions shape ethical decision making? How can a community promote economic growth while protecting its natural resources? Who is entitled to what rights? What responsibility do nations have to one another? In addition, interactive challenges will help you develop skills required to explore ethical decisions: communication, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and empathy.



  • Expand your understanding of global and national affairs through case studies and global forum simulations.
  • Sharpen your research and debate skills to allow you to better advocate for the issues you care about.
  • Learn how to foster teamwork and collaboration in experiential challenges, including a high ropes course.
  • Engage with professionals leading change.
  • Volunteer for a local community initiative.

Students in our Digital Arts program will have the opportunity to make, create and explore at the intersection of art, media and technology. From graphic design to coding and photography, 3-D printing to rotoscoping, the topics covered will allow students the chance to cultivate their current artistic interests and discover new passions along the way.



  • Work in our cutting-edge facilities, including our digital media studio and maker’s space.
  • Design and create your own short film, 3D model and more.
  • Explore the local arts and technology scene through field trips around the Los Angeles area.
  • Hone your creativity, test your collaboration skills and cultivate your voice and confidence.

Summer Program for July 2021


Session 1: July 9-18

Session 2: July 20-29

$2,650 (Domestic Students)

$2,800 (International Students)

$325 (Bridge Program)

For more information, contact the Summer Office.

Dr. Susanna Linsley

Director of Summer Programs

(909) 482-5252

Highlight & Features

  • Access to our state-of-the-art facilities, including our digital media lab and makers space, the Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology and the Webb Observatory.
  • Opportunities to live and study alongside students from around the country and the world in our global residential community.
  • Teaching and mentorship from Webb’s incredible summer program faculty and chances for authentic engagement with dedicated faculty devoted to your personal growth.
  • Field study at cutting-edge companies, museums and cultural destinations across the region, from the desert to the sea.
  • Much, much more!

Summer At Webb

Frequently Asked

Students have the opportunity to choose between Science & Engineering, Paleontology, Global Ethics and Digital Arts. There are two 10-day sessions offered each summer. Students can stay for both sessions and chose two different offerings.

Yes, students in the paleontology program within Junior Scholars do have the opportunity to work in the Alf Museum. The museum includes two floors of installations and displays and holds over 175,000 fossil specimens.

Yes, students are welcome to enroll in both summer sessions. There is a bridge program you can enroll in and remain on campus as well.

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