The Hastings Society

The Hastings Society recognizes donors who support The Webb Fund year after year. Named for Alfred B. Hastings, Jr. ’42, this society honors our most loyal supporters who embody Al’s commitment to the schools and our community. A distinguished alumnus, life trustee and consistent donor, Al dedicated his life to the advancement of The Webb Schools, giving every year and joining the Thompson & Vivian Webb Society by making a planned gift to the schools. He was an early champion of the establishment of Vivian Webb School and a close friend to Thompson and Vivian Webb.

Membership in the Hastings Society is automatic after you have made a gift to The Webb Fund for three consecutive fiscal years (measured from July 1 to June 30). You remain in the society as long as you continue to renew your annual support.

Members will be given special recognition in the Annual Report and can take pride in knowing they are among our most steadfast supporters. For more information on joining The Hastings Society, please contact Laura Wensley, Senior Director of Development at (909) 482-5277 or

Thompson and Vivian Webb Society

The Thompson and Vivian Webb Society was created to recognize alumni, parents and friends who have made an estate commitment or entered into a life-income agreement with The Webb Schools.

The generosity shown by these friends during their lifetime will continue to provide support for generations to come.  We thank them for their extraordinary dedication to Webb.

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Planned Giving

Bob & Sara Adler
David ’35 & Gilda Agnew
Jeff Arnett ’43
R. Larry ’70 & Alicia Ashton
Cleve ’53 & Irene Baker
Dutch & Hilary Barhydt
Jason R. Beresford ’84
S. Chris ’79 & Carol Bradford
John ’43 & Flo Bryan
Robert Carr ’61 & Ms. Carolyn Davis
Michael ’92 & Alicia Chang
Richard P. Clarke ’63
Everett (Bud) Clary ’39
Kenneth L. Colborn ’47
Bob Connolly ’89 &Nancy Tung
William H. David ’45
Samuel C. Davidge ’56
John ’69 & Nancy Dey
Sanjay Dholakia ’87 & Melissa Barnes Dholakia ’87
Jim ’63 & Wendy Drasdo
Richard K. Dukes ’78
Wolcott B. Dunham, Jr. ’61
Charles ’67 & Gloria Ensey
David D. Fawcett ’61
Dodd Fischer ’61
Nancy Fischer
Kathleen B. Flannery
Mort ’50 & Frannie Fleishhacker
Jenna Z. Gambaro ’95
Peter Grant ’46
Douglas Gregg, Jr. ’66 & Christine Gregg
James W. Griffin ’48
William ’67 & Zandra Halstead
Capt. Robert M. Hanson ’62
Wayne A. Hanson
Wayne L. Hanson ’59
Al Hastings ’42
Victor ’42 & Lucille Heerman
C.S. Heinz Foundation
John Helgeson
Janel Henriksen Hastings ’87
William G. Henshaw ’41
Harley G. Higbie, Jr. ’43
Randall Rodman Holdridge
H. Earl Hoover II ’52
Bruce H. Howe ’62
Philip M. Jacobs ’37
F. Gard Jameson ’71
Jeannette DeMont Jones
Richard N. Kauffman ’33
Sherwood C. Kingsley ’58
Trowbridge W. Kirk ’54
Eliot S. Knight ’53
John Albert Kramer Sr. ’67
Klaus J. Lehmann ’48
Ralph M. Lewis
Walter & Lydia Linaweaver
Keith W. Loring ’46
Dick ’55 & Sally Lynas
Eric C. MacDonald ’62
Carl. R. Mangold

Avery McCarthy ’52
Kimball ’67 & Claire McCloud
Robert ’45 & Patricia McCuen
Christina Mercer McGinley ’84
Velma V. McKelvey
John P. McLain ’41
Robert C. Michael ’62
Edward A. Middleton, Jr. ’39
Roger J. Millar ’61
Jean E. Miller
David Mirkin ’66 & Karen Piacentini
Jan Mitchell Johnson ’86
Dwight S. Morgan ’65
David C. Myles ’80
Douglas & Ann Myles
Peter & Elfrieda Nardulli
Thomas ’33 & Meredith Nolder
Mickey E. Novak ’70
William ’41 & Nancy Ordway
Marvin E. Parker ’70
John S. Pettingell ’62
David J. ’37 & Virginia Pinkham
Merrick ’42 & Lillian Pratt
Thomas ’76 & Sheila Prendiville
Edward T. Price, Jr. ’33
Lawrence E. Price ’61
Ted ’79 & Faith Price
Thomas M. Price
Paul ’54 & Mary Reitler
William Ripley ’60 & Erin Davis-Ripley
Col. John ’59 & June Rogers
H. Renton Rolph, Jr. ’66
Gabriel Romero ’08
David Ronfeldt ’58
Hugh & Mary Rose
Miles R. Rosedale ’69
Bruce S. Ross ’64
Peter D. Sanders ’76
Vijay & Shanu Sathe
John M. Scalzi ’87
William V. Shannon, Jr. ’54 &Sally Shannon
William M. ’36 & Ruth B. Silsbee
Dwight W. Taylor ’49
Robert L. & Lois I. Turton
Alvah “Hall” Warren III
Allan White ’60
Morgan W. White ’62
Theodore L. White ’71
Eleanor Whyte
Rick Whyte ’57
Ronald ’60 & Ann Whyte
Marc D. Wilson ’70
Katherine Winant Osborne ’88 & James Osborne
David T. Woodley
Charles R. Work ’58 & Veronica A. Haggart
David D. Wright ’65
Denis Shing Fai Yip
Ralph D. Young III ’63
Peter ’63 & Cheryl Ziegler
Tamara A. Zipser
Anonymous (29)