Welcome to Webb

We are a school of many faces, many talents, and many dreams. Our students thrive in an environment where unbounded thinking is encouraged and discovery is an everyday occurrence. It is the energy and smiles of our students that make this such a wonderful school to be part of and we encourage students who wish to be inspired and celebrated to look at The Webb Schools.  

Admission to Webb is based on applications and the submission of a range of documents designed to help us find those students who would best benefit from our school’s many programs and services and who, in turn, would bring to our campus the kind of eagerness for learning that has been the profile of a Webb student since our founding in 1922. We have designed the admission process to be one that is not onerous but, instead, one where a student and his/her family feel they are the only one applying to our school. It is a process where we consider one student at a time.

However, applying to a selective school like Webb goes both ways and we encourage you to visit this beautiful campus, meet our students, visit a classroom and ask as many questions as you can think of. These will be the best years ever for a young student – four years for enormous growth and learning – and you can only do it once. It’s a big decision, but we are confident that once you visit Webb, you will understand that the possibilities are, well, unbounded.

Dr. Jamila Everett
Director of Admission

Dr. Jamila Everett
Dr. Jamila Everett Director of Admission

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