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Webb today is a vibrant community of unbounded thinkers pushing to solve problems and educate students to be honor-bound leaders. Our graduates are advanced in the arts and humanities, math and sciences, and social sciences. And our college placement into the Ivy League, into the best women’s colleges and small national liberal arts colleges, and, in fact, into the top 10% of all colleges and universities nationwide, remains remarkable.

Beyond this though, I believe the proof of our promise as a school is found in our alumni. We count among our ranks over 4,500 alumni that cross the country and span the globe. Webb alumni are a tight-knit community of striving, successful professionals – doctors and lawyers, scholars and teachers, politicians and entrepreneurs, servant leaders of every type.

It is fair to say that Webb is the only school of its kind in the country – a global village that enjoys the unequalled resources of Southern California, as well as the adjacent, world-renown Claremont Colleges. Fortuitously sited on the edge of the Pacific Rim, Webb is rightly situated to participate in the successes to come in this new century. And finally, Webb remains the only school in the world with an AAM-accredited museum on its campus – the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology, in which students participate in every aspect of its scientific program. Discover learning like no other!

In closing, we have a lot to share with you here on our website – news of notable alumni, new campus facilities and future campus plans, and good stories about our great people and programs. We are proud of what we’ve inherited and evermore excited about the road ahead.

Taylor B. Stockdale
Head of Schools


Taylor B. Stockdale

Taylor B. Stockdale became the sixth head of The Webb Schools in 2010. Since that time, he has led the Webb community in the creation and adoption of The Centennial Strategic Plan 1922-2022 and its Edition 2.0. Together, these documents illustrate Webb’s enduring commitment to its mission and its core values of honor and moral courage, unbounded thinking, distinctive leadership and service to others. They also offer a clear blueprint of the school’s visionary plans for The Next 100.

Working with his senior administrative team and faculty, Mr. Stockdale continues to focus on keeping Webb’s curriculum alive and innovative to ensure a relevant and dynamic experience for each Webb student. These efforts, highlighted in the strategic plan, have recently included the construction of a humanities program, addition of advanced computer science courses, expansion of the arts to include digital media, problem-based math and applied science courses utilizing the unparalleled resources of the Alf Museum, and a broader suite of co-curricular opportunities offering expanded athletic choice, robotics, debate, dance, and an improved residential experience.

And last, Mr. Stockdale leads Webb’s commitment to taking full advantage of being the only boarding school in the Greater Los Angeles area. Webb has established formal partnerships with faculty at other top learning institutions in the area, such as Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College, Pomona College, UC Riverside, Keck Graduate Institute and others. These affiliations are ongoing and will allow Webb’s upper-division students unprecedented access to real-life, hands-on experiences to expand their learning and sharpen their entrepreneurial mindsets for leading in a global economy.

The Next 100

The Centennial

To thrive for 100 years a school must stand for something important and indissoluble. Its mission and values must remain relevant and inexhaustible. And finally its stewards, over the ebb and flow of decades of challenge and difficulty, trend and fad, must act with unceasing commitment to its purpose. Above all else, from our founding, Webb’s stewards have devoted themselves to nurturing and inspiring young people to know right from wrong, to live and lead lives of honor and moral courage. This is our living legacy and the strong foundation on which we look ahead to the next century.


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