Student Life

Webb Traditions

Since 1922, Webb has thrived because it has grown and innovated while staying true to its founding values and traditions. Our most important traditions include Honor Cabinet & Honor Committee, Chapel Talks, Senior Trips, Community Dinners, Freshman Peccary Trips, Start-of-Year Class Retreats and more.

Chapel Talks

Each year, seniors are invited to craft a “chapel talk” to their respective schools – to students, faculty, staff, family and special guests. These talks are given in gratitude and meant to express a student’s growth and development while at Webb – growth gained through failure and success. They range from lighthearted to deeply philosophical and serve as a forum for seniors to share lessons learned with their younger peers.

Taylor Stockdale and Rick Duque give a Sunday Chapel talk in the Vivian Webb Chapel

Senior Trips

Seniors from Webb School of California travel to Arizona to tackle the Grand Canyon a few days before they graduate. The students and their senior advisors hike from the rim to the bottom and back in a single day. It is a monumental experience for everyone involved – a trip remembered and talked about during Alumni Weekend reunions for years to come.

Seniors from Vivian Webb travel to Yosemite to tackle Half Dome during these same final days before graduation. After a stop to enjoy some whitewater rafting, the seniors make the iconic Half Dome ascent – summiting the mountain using the infamous “cables.”

WSC Senior Trip in the Grand Canyon

Community Dinners

Twice a week and on other special occasions, the boarding community gathers for formal dinners in formal dress. Students rotate tables several times per year and share the responsibilities of serving and clearing dinner tables. These special community-building dinners offer an opportunity for students to socially engage with each other and the faculty.

Freshman Peccary Trips

As they have done since the late 1930s, Webb faculty and students hunt for fossils in the deserts of California, Montana and Utah. During the freshman year, every student as part of their evolutionary biology course participates in a weekend peccary trip to the Barstow area. For those students keenly interested in the museum and paleontology, there are also two to three-week fossil-hunting trips every summer.

Start-of-Year Class Retreats

We begin each academic year by offering off-campus class retreats by school and grade level. These retreats range from beach camping to mountaineering and provide a great opportunity for students and faculty to connect or reconnect after a long summer and prepare for the important work ahead.

Sophomores on a rope course during their class retreat in Big Bear, CA

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