Instrumental &
Choral Music

From introductory through honors courses, Webb’s music program emphasizes both technical mastery and public performance skills for strings, woodwinds and voice students. Webb hosts a large orchestra and choir, and smaller more advanced and specialized chamber ensembles.

Advanced music students participate in peer mentoring during labs and rehearsals, take on sectional leadership positions, and have the opportunity to prepare independent repertoire for public performance.

With this foundation balancing performance and theory, Webb students have attended top music programs at universities including Stanford, Oberlin and Cleveland Institute of Music, and gone on to successful careers in music.

The Webb Schools Orchestra and the Chamber Singers give several major concerts each year. Each spring, Webb’s music students develop and perform their own chamber concert, and can play in the orchestra accompanying the school’s annual musical production. In addition to the musical, choral students can rehearse and perform a variety of pieces in the student-run a capella club.

Webb music students also write their own pieces, developing and articulating their own music as they master notation and analysis.

Sinfonia Orchestra

Spring Sinfonia and Chamber Singers Concert 2022

Candlelight Sinfonia and Chamber Singers Concert 2019

Music Facility

Copeland Donahue Theater

The Copeland Donahue Theater is a black box designed theater allowing for a more flexible performance space and is a favorite for non-traditional theater productions. Along with the Liu Cheung Theater, Copeland Donahue features state-of-the-art light and soundboards, LED lighting and robust technological advancements.

Constructed in 2008, the theater quickly became a new center for the fine and performing arts at Webb. It has hosted plays, concerts, art shows and guest artist lectures as well as theater arts and digital media classes. During the academic day, the theater is used for Theater Arts classes, orchestra rehearsal and as an occasional practice space for Webb’s Dance Company.