Theory and Technique

Fine Arts

The Arts at Webb expose students to exciting, groundbreaking work from around the world and throughout history – and then challenge students to create their own. Our program encourages students to develop original, unconventional ways to share their ideas as they hone their understanding of theory and technique. By taking advantage of the vast cultural resources of Los Angeles and emerging technologies, Webb’s program teaches students how to turn knowledge into action, empowering them to think creatively and act inventively in the classroom, the campus and beyond.

Learning from a faculty that includes a number of noted contemporary artists, Webb students enjoy state-of-the-art material and superb facilities like the innovative Copeland Donahue Black Box Theater, Digital Media Studio, and our cutting-edge Susan A. Nelson Performing Arts Center, which features modern rehearsal space as well as the world-class Liu Cheung Theater.

Fine Arts Programs

Webb’s visual arts program gives students the opportunity to work in traditional and modern media. Drawing, painting, sculpting, photographing, filming, animating – student artists learn to translate their creativity in multiple forms. Our program is designed for both beginning students with little or no background in the visual arts and advanced students ready to build a portfolio.

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From introductory through honors courses, Webb’s music program emphasizes both technical mastery and public performance skills for strings, woodwinds and voice students. Webb hosts a large orchestra and choir as well as smaller more advanced and specialized chamber ensembles.

Advanced music students participate in peer mentoring during labs and rehearsals, take on sectional leadership positions and have the opportunity to prepare independent repertoire for public performance.

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Theater at Webb boasts a tradition of innovation. Combining classes and afternoon activities, Webb’s theater arts program mounts two major dramatic and musical theater productions each year and offers students the flexibility to tailor their involvement to their experience level and goals.

Experienced acting students hone their performance and improvisational skills, investigate performance theories and discover how to apply them to scenes from a wide range of genres.

Utilizing the Susan A. Nelson Performing Arts Center, students interested in technical theater have the opportunity to practice their craft in a professional-level facility.

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Webb’s dance company explores dance as a performing art through observation and practice. From contemporary to modern and creative to technical, students study how movement informs their human experience.

Classes will typically begin with a warm up, lead into across-the-floor progressions and culminate in a center-floor combination. With a range of activities from silly and fun to contemplative and serious, students will explore how dance can encourage confidence and self-expression through movement.

The Winter Dance program is an incredible opportunity for students to take a risk in their creative endeavors and to push the limits of self-expression through movement. The program builds off the work of the fall and is co-choreographed by the instructor and the students.

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Fine Arts Faculty

Kyle Champion

Southern Methodist University – B.A.
University of Southern California – M.M.


Anthony Flucker

Humboldt State University – B.A.


Ardina Greco

San Francisco Art Institute – B.A.
Columbia University – Ed. M.


Megan Horejsi

University of California, Santa Barbara – B.A.
Loyola Marymount University – M.A.
Otis College of Art and Design – Certificate


Jackie Leishman

University of Georgia – B.A.
Academy of Art University – MFA


Stefanie K. Plumley

Teacher, Fine Arts Department Chair
University of Southern California – B.A.
University of Edinburgh – M.A.


Linda Silva

Teacher, Director of Instrumental Music
Oberlin College Conservatory of Music – B.M.
Rice University – M.M.


Gavin Thrasher

University of Redlands – Bachelor of Music
University of Southern California – Master of Music


Arts At Webb

Frequently Asked

Students are invited to contact faculty in the fine and performing arts regarding participation in our arts programs. Auditions are generally part of the course/ensemble placement process.