Stefanie Graefe

American University – B.A.
University of Pennsylvania – M.S.Ed.

Professional focus: American History

Scholarly or professional activities: Broadly, I focus on American history, government and politics. But in the past five years, I have focused on the history of race, class, and ethnicity in America during the Gilded Age. I have also enjoyed exploring and teaching courses on the culture of America in the 1970s, The Cold War and the growth of the Modern Presidency.

Years as an educator: 10

Grew up: Outside of Philadelphia, go birds

Live on campus: Yes

Favorite spot at Webb: Price Dining Hall

Favorite music or musician: Paul Simon, The Beatles and whatever new Disney soundtrack my daughters are listening to that week

Favorite book or author: At the moment, my favorite authors are Pema Chödrön, Colson Whitehead and David Sedaris. But I often find myself returning to the memoirs of comedians!

Favorite TV show or movie: The sci-fi genre and Star Wars more specifically– Andor and Ahsoka are my favorite right now!

Saturday routine: All the laundry, multiple cups of coffee, and Saturday morning cartoons with my family. If there is time, I will also try to find time for an afternoon run and my audiobook.