Peter Hatala

Director of Studies, Teacher
University of Massachusetts, Boston – B.A.
SUNY Albany – M.A.
Bard College – M.A.T.
Columbia University – M.Ed.

Professional focus: At Webb I teach American Society: Past and Present. My doctoral work focused on religion in history and over the years I’ve taught broadly in the humanities and social sciences. Additionally, I spent seven summers training future history teachers in Bard College’s Master of Arts in Teaching program, so teacher training and development has been an important professional focus for me.

Scholarly or professional activities: Most recently I served as a member of the advisory board for the publication of the white paper “Improving the Intellectual Environment in High Schools,” published by Heterodox Academy. It was a great opportunity to think through how our schools can productively cultivate viewpoint diversity.

Years as an educator: This is my 21st year working in schools.

Grew up: I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York and that will always be home to me.

Live on campus: Yes.

Favorite spot at Webb: The jade-lined path that leads up to the chapel. I walk it nearly every day on my way home and it always grounds me.

Favorite music or musician: I grew up on old punk, hardcore, and ska/reggae, and that music and its ethic are still part of my life. Today, if I had to point to one musician who’s a constant, it would likely have to be Morrissey.

Favorite book or author: I have so many favorite books! Having just completed a cross-country road trip with two part-poodle dogs, I’ll say Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley: In Search of America.

Favorite TV show or movie: Seinfeld. Movies: it’s a toss up between Mulholland Drive and half of the movies produced in the 80s.

Saturday routine: Leisurely breakfast, read, meditate, long dog walk, lunch, errands, read, exercise (weights or yoga), dinner, dog walk, TV or a movie. As a recent Californian, we’ve also been taking full advantage of Huntington Dog beach on Saturdays and our dogs love us for it.