Michael Hoe '04

Teacher, Director of Studies
Brown University – B.S.
Harvard University – Ed. M.

Professional focus: I am the director of studies charged with overseeing our academic program; I teach in the science department; I serve as an advisor and work in our residential program. My background is in neuroscience and life sciences (was pre-med in college) and I also have a master’s degree in education focused on two things: managing educational nonprofits and applying neuroscience research in the classroom.

Scholarly or professional activities: I serve on the Board of Trustees at Foothill Country Day School (just rotated off the board at Chestnut Hill School in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts).

Grew up: I was born (Pomona) and raised in Southern California!

Favorite spot at Webb: I love the track at Webb because it gives you a full 360 view of where we are located – the mountains, the city, the campus.

Favorite music or musician: I love all music, but if I had to listen to one kind of music the rest of my life, it’d be 90s hip hop – my favorite artist of all time is 2pac.

Favorite book or author: Too many to name – but I love anything by Oliver Sacks.

Favorite TV show or movie: I love watching all sports and Good Will Hunting (movie).

Saturday routine: I normally drive my daughter to ballet followed by breakfast with my family, meeting up with my mom, and then having lunch with her after my daughter is done with ballet. And, any time we can get to the beach, we do.