Geoffrey Owers

Arizona State University – B.S., M. Ed.

Professional focus: Math teacher, focused on calculus and algebra the last several years. I really like working with students who don’t pick up math easily. Have coached VWS cross country but switched to VWS golf in 2021-22. Have also coached running clinic, triathlon and track over the years. Have enjoyed mentoring several new teachers at Webb.

Scholarly or professional activities: My family and I spend a fair amount of time in activities at our church, mainly with children’s programs.

Grew up: Originally, Phoenix/Scottsdale, but also lived in Saudi Arabia as a child

Favorite spot at Webb: The track or Chandler Field

Favorite music or musician: Do I only get to pick one? I like much of the music from the 60s-80s … The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The Carpenters, Johnny Cash, ABBA. I also like instrumental gospel hymns and classical music.

Favorite book or author: I enjoy reading about historical track and field; I have a good collection of biographies of the great middle-distance runners.

Favorite TV show or movie: Seinfeld for TV show … and the original Rocky for movie

Saturday routine: Wake up, enjoy the standard two cups of coffee, go for a short run or walk, clean up the house a bit, feed the chickens in the yard, run a few errands, make a tuna melt for lunch, help Desmond with his schoolwork, have a conversation with each of my kids, and then watch a movie together as a family at home.