Dance Show to Highlight Centennial

Webb will present its Winter Dance Show 2022 at 7 p.m. February 4 and 5 on the steps of the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology. Titled “Centum” in honor of Webb’s Centennial Celebration, the show choreographically references hallmarks of Webb’s history, mission and unbounded philosophy.

Using contemporary dance influence, the show thematically explores past, present and future, considering the nature of perspective and progress.

This year’s show will feature music from Webb alumni Felicity Doyle ’04, Summer Swee-Singh ’07, Jarel Hill ’08, Nathan Turczan ’09, Den Davis ’11 and Drew Hersch ’19, as well as movement video from alumni Andrew Waas ’92, Bailey Scherer ’16 and Christina Dong ’18, as well as text from students Madeline Lilley ’22, Nicholas Lee ’22 and Hunter Lange ’22.

Dancers include Berklee Antecol ’25, Sydney Becker ’24, Emilia Bordage ’23, Wendy Chang ’23, Catherine Chen ’23, Gabby Diaz ’23, Angela Du ’24, Tina Hou ’25, Theresa Hu ’24, Jojo Jiang ’22, Yuki Layman ’25, Joy Li ’24, Season Li ’23, Isabella Llorens ’22, Jonathan Lou ’22, Jovana Luna ’24, William Ma ’22, Nichola Monroe ’22, Ellen Petrova ’25, Jackie Shugert ’24, Gerry Song ’22, Emily Wang ’22, Amy Wang ’25, Sharon Xu ’22, Christina Young ’25, Dilnar Yu ’24, and Anna Zeng ’25.

The event crew includes Mick Adkins ’23, Lucas Cardenas ’25, Bella Choi ’24, Riley Fass ’23, Lizzie Hastings ’25, Cathy Hou ’24, Qianqian Jia ’25, Eunice Lau ’23, Steph Ma ’25, Kylie Osborne ’23, Lisa Peng ’24, Yvette Wu ’25 and Joyce Zhao ’23.

Due to concerns over the Omicron surge, the show is currently expected to be performed without a live audience. Look for more information in the coming weeks on how to watch.

January 18, 2022

8:00 AM PST


Arts Dance