Webb Honors 2021 Coaches of the Year

In a break from tradition, The Webb Schools have named every coach who served during the 2020-21 year as the 2021 Coaches of the Year.

The announcement, made during annual Family Day activities on Oct. 8, celebrates the coaches for their flexibility and dedication to students during a year disrupted by pandemic.

“The 2020-21 athletic year was unlike any other that we’ve had to deal with here at Webb,” said Stephen Wishek, director of athletics and afternoon activities.

Webb’s coaches adapted to holding online team gatherings and the uncertainties of shortened and canceled seasons all while supporting their athletes.

“Our coaches continued to be there for our athletes and did some of their best work helping students work through the emotions and frustrations of those seasons being canceled,” Wishek said. “Even for those sports that were eventually able to play, there were immense challenges.”

“In this environment, I believe we realized the true value of our athletics and afternoon program. It is the time spent together with friends, the effort expended toward a common goal, just the joy of running around and breaking a sweat, that make the time we spend together so powerful and meaningful,” he said.

October 17, 2021

10:55 AM PDT