Students Reinvent KWEB as Podcast Platform

Webb’s historic radio station – KWEB – returned this fall with a new, narrative podcasting style. Each episode follows a single theme. Students report on stories that all relate to that theme, releasing new episodes monthly.

The first episode focuses on homecoming – especially significant as Webb students and teachers gather on campus for the 2021-22 year after more than a year apart.

The second episode shares scary stories in celebration of Halloween

The students participating in KWEB this season are Kiera Yap and Sharon Xu (’22) Yvette Shu and Shuci Zhang (’23), Xajani Badkar (’24), Sydney Mildon and Chelsea Wei (’25).

“We start by pitching ideas for each episode, we storyboard, go out and record our interviews and other tape, then we bring it back, storyboard again, write scripts, record voiceovers, and then edit. Students work independently or in pairs on their stories and they take turns being the host of the show,” said teacher Elle Brosh, who is coordinating the program.

Throughout the process, students rely on each other for ideas, help and editing.

“I’m so glad KWEB has been resurrected,” Xu said. “When we went out to record our stories, it was my first time hearing through a microphone. It was like I was listening to a whole new world filled with sounds I had never heard before.”

“It feels like I am working at a professional podcast,” Mildon added. “We get to experience the whole radio broadcasting process: pitching, recording, producing and editing. We do all of this on a deadline, and it’s exciting to be a part of putting out a final product we created as a team.”

KWEB has created a streaming platform using Anchor and launched an Instagram called kwebofficial.

Students said they enjoy creating a program that intrigues and interests their classmates.

“I love the process of recording interviews because it breaks down the barrier of formality,” Zhang said. “There’s a vulnerability and intimacy created that makes room for incredible storytelling.”

October 17, 2021

10:44 AM PDT