Ten Students are National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

We proudly announce that from a pool of over 1.3 million juniors in 21,000+ high schools nationwide, 10 Webb students scored in the 99th percentile in the state and are semifinalists in the award competition. National Merit Scholarships are determined by a student’s score in the PSAT exam. Our semifinalists represent less than 1% of US high school seniors.

Director of Studies Peter Hatala commented, “This prestigious achievement is one measure that reflects these students’ hard work and dedication to academic excellence. These PSAT results demonstrate our semifinalists’ high degree of knowledge and skill in writing, reading, and mathematics. At Webb, we have the great honor of working with these students as they creatively and boldly apply this knowledge in and beyond the classroom.”

The semi-finalists now have the opportunity to continue in the competition for a National Merit Scholarship. More than 7,000 National Merit Scholarships, worth nearly $28 million, are offered to winners in the spring. A scholarship application is required for consideration, including the student’s academic record, school and community activities, employment, leadership, honors, and awards. Webb’s Semifinalists are:

Aiperi Bush
Eleanor Hong
Emily Li
Zongying Li
Mirabel Raphael
Jiaqi Wang

Connor Keeney
Xiaojun Pan
Hanming Zeng
Zhehao Zhang

National Merit Scholarship winners will be announced starting in April 2024 and conclude in July. Good luck, Webbies!

September 18, 2023

17:05 PM PDT