Theater department performs Greek tragedy with modern resonance

The Suppliant Women by Aeschylus is one of the world’s oldest plays, but as noted in the program for this weekend’s production by the Webb theater department: “… it tells a story that has striking and poignant resonance today. 

“Eleven Egyptian women are escaping forced marriage to their brutal cousins and seeking asylum in Greece. Like all ancient Greek tragedies, there is a debate at the heart of the play; are we morally obliged to take in those who are suffering when we know it will inevitably bring hardship to ourselves? The Suppliant Women explores some fundamental questions of humanity: who are we, where do we belong and if all goes wrong, who will take us in?”

The audience will experience David Greig’s version of Aeschylus’s tragedy in a similar seating arrangement to the ancient Greeks. With the play’s action occurring in the orchestra seats and half the audience seated on the stage, the theater department transformed Liu/Cheung Theater into a Greek amphitheater-in-the-round.

Reserve your tickets now for performances at 7pm, November 2, 3, and 4, in Liu/Cheung Theater.


Sydney Becker
Eleanor Hong
Joy Li
Lisa Peng
Gwen Keithley
Zoe Liu
Diana Luo
Danielle Salako
Bella Schnurer
Emily Shao
Chelsea Wei

King Pelasgos: Jonathan Rosales-Cardenas
Danaos: Phillip Park
Egyptian Herald: Jerry Qiao
Musicians/Egyptians: Andy Liu, Tyler Liu, Oliver Yuan

Stage Manager: Elena Petrovna


Lightboard Operator: Steph Ma
Lighting Crew: Nancy Chen, Gavin Hamilton, Marc Zambrano
Soundboard Operator: Jayden Kuo
Video Camera Operator: Yilia Han
Sound Crew: Jaxu Bohn
Set Crew: Oliver Butcher, Sam Kamal, Jackie Shugert, Rowan Stamires
Props Crew: Lucy Troendle, Carolyn Wang, Kaitlyn Wanland, Nina Woertink

Directed by Stefanie Plumley
Technical Director: Chad Smith
Assistant Director: Olivia Silva
Choreography: Daria Kaufman and Stefanie Plumley

November 1, 2023

18:20 PM PDT