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CIF has communicated that the current sports calendar will not change. If competition cannot resume, scheduled games will be declared no contests and the season shortened. Any changes to the fall competition season will not impact the spring season.

Current guidelines do not allow for regular practices or competition. The current afternoon activity plan will remain in place until youth sports guidelines are updated by the state and county. Webb’s Medical Advisory Board will review any updated guidelines as they are issued and Webb will communicate updates to our practice and competition schedule as they are made.

In-person sessions are optional and intended to supplement our online afternoon program, not supplant it. All students will still be meeting together online each week and students not able to attend in person will be given equivalent workouts they can do in order to advance and maintain their fitness in anticipation of a potential return to competition.

The goal of our in-person activities is to allow students the opportunity to work together with their peers, stay in shape, and practice fundamental, sport-specific skills in a safe setting.

Webb will be following the youth sports guidelines as set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health – LA County Youth Sports Guidelines. Athletic and other administrative staff will monitor practices to ensure compliance with protocols.

The entire program generally runs the month of July. There are two, 10-day sessions with a bridge program in the middle for students who can’t or don’t want to return home in between sessions.

Students have the opportunity to choose between Science & Engineering, Paleontology, Global Ethics and Digital Arts. There are two 10-day sessions offered each summer. Students can stay for both sessions and chose two different offerings.

Yes, students in the paleontology program within Junior Scholars do have the opportunity to work in the Alf Museum. The museum includes two floors of installations and displays and holds over 175,000 fossil specimens.

In addition to our four-year paleontology program, which includes participating in independent research, there are lots of volunteer opportunities for students, including cleaning fossils in the preparation lab, laser scanning a dinosaur bone in the research lab, and maintaining the skulls and skeletons on exhibit. And, of course, you are welcome to join the museum’s annual summer Peccary Trip, which brings students and museum staff to wilderness areas in Montana, Utah, and California on a three-week search for fossils.

Webb freshman are introduced to the museum through their two-semester core course Evolutionary Biology, which includes a weekend Peccary Trip to the area around Barstow, California, to participate in a fossil dig. For more specific information as it relates to your academic program, please check in with your advisor. Approximately 95 percent of the Alf Museum’s more than 175,000 specimens were discovered by Webb students, teachers, and alumni!