Notable contributions

Recognizing our Alumni

Each year The Webb Schools recognizes alumni who have made notable contributions to the Schools and our community. They are presented in celebration at Alumni Weekend each fall. If you have any questions about the Alumni Awards program, please contact the Alumni Office at or (909) 445-8253.


Alumni Awards

The Alumni Awards represent the highest distinction bestowed on alumni of The Webb Schools. The program aims to instill an appreciation of Webb’s past and how a Webb education can be utilized. Recipients exemplify one or more core principles of Webb’s mission:

  • Think boldly, mindfully, and creatively,
  • Act with honor and moral courage,
  • Lead with distinction,
  • Serve with a generous spirit.

Submit a nomination by June 30, 2024 to be considered for the 2024 Awards program.


Award Categories

The Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award pays tribute to alumni who best exemplify the core values of their school’s motto:

Webb School of California: Principes non Homines, “Leaders not ordinary men”

Vivian Webb School: Sapientia Amicitia Atque Honor, “Wisdom, Friendship and Honor”

Nominees will have demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • Significant success and/or prominence in their professional career or vocation bringing honor to themselves and to Webb.
  • Exemplary service to the local, national or global community.
  • Affinity for his/her alma mater

Recipients will be chosen based on the answers to the following questions:

  • How has this nominee had a major impact on the profession and/or community in which he/she has been active?
  • In what ways have the nominee’s achievements been truly extraordinary?
  • What is the nominee’s level of engagement with the School

Nominees who are not selected are still eligible for the next four years and do not need to resubmit an entry.

Past Recipients
2014: Christian Holmes ’64
2015: Louis Mayberg ’80
2016: Jon Congdon ’81
2017: Garland Reiter ’72 & Dr. Katy Carr White ’87
2018: Blake Brown ’68 & Dr. Sandra Lee Rebish ’88
2019: Guilford C. Babcock ’49 & Col. John S. Rogers, USAF (Ret.) ’59
2020: Maame Ewusi-Mensah Frimpong ’93 and Blake Johnson ’95
2021: Jenn Louis ’89 and Sameer Dholakia ’91
2022: John Scalzi ’87
2023: Richard Kron ’68

Named in honor of Ken Colborn ’47, the Colborn Distinguished Service Award pays tribute to an alumnus/a in recognition of selfless commitment and ongoing volunteer service to The Webb Schools and/or Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology.


  • Distinguished and significant volunteer service to Webb and/or the Alf Museum
  • Service is over an extended period or for a specific project or activity

Recipients will be chosen based on the answers to the following questions:

  • In what ways has the nominee served Webb and the alumni community?
  • In what ways has this service been outstanding?
  • How has this service benefitted the institution?
  • Has this service been sustained over an extended period of time?

Nominees who are not selected are still eligible for the next four years, and do not need to resubmit an entry.

Past Recipients
2013: Ken Colborn ’47
2014: Jim Hall ’59
2015: Dick Lynas ’55
2016: Dodd Fischer ’61 and Peter Ziegler ’63
2017: H. Earl “Bud” Hoover ’52, Kimball McCloud ’67 & Janel Henriksen Hastings ’87
2018: John A. Sutro Jr. ’53 & Jim Drasdo ’63
2019: Miles R. Rosedale ’69 & Dr. Christina Mercer McGinley ’84
2020: Larry Ashton ’70
2021: Bill Ripley ’60
2022: Chip Greening ’62
2023: Rick Clarke ’63

About Ken Colborn ’47
During his lifetime, Ken Colborn (1929-2013) served The Webb Schools with a generous heart for over 60 years. His involvement in the life of the schools is too vast to completely recount, but selection of his important roles included:

  • Three-term President and former member of the Alumni Council
    Honorary Chair of Webb’s 75th Anniversary Celebration
  • Chair of Alumni Weekend, beginning in 1982
  • Reunion Committee Chair on numerous occasions, including the 50-Plus Reunions
  • Webb Fund class agent
  • Member of the 1991 Long Range Planning Committee
  • Development/Marketing Committee Member
  • Alumni Commission
  • Thompson and Vivian Webb Society member
  • In October 2013, Ken was honored at the Alumni Weekend festivities as the first recipient of the Colborn Distinguished Service Award

The Young Alumni Rising Star Award recognizes individuals up to their 15th reunion. Recipients will be selected based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Does nominee have notable achievements in his or her chosen field?
  • Has nominee used their success to bring good to their community?
  • What is the nominee’s level of engagement with the School?

Past Recipients
2014: Stephanie Ho ’04
2015: Micol “Mimi” Issa ’05
2016: Jack Wiese ’06
2017: Jessica Dholakia ’07
2018: Gabe Romero ’08
2019: Pilar Mitchell-Campbell ’04
2020: Noreen Lysette Barcena ’05
2021: Ariel Fan ’10
2022: Summer Swee-Singh ’07
2023: Sasha Wijeyeratne ’08


Past Recipients

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Prof. Richard Kron  ’68
Professor Emeritus, The University of Chicago

Professor Richard Kron is a distinguished academic and an innovative force in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. As a professor in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the prestigious University of Chicago, Prof. Kron’s career is marked by visionary leadership and groundbreaking research and has left an indelible mark on the world of astrophysics.

From 1989 to 2001, Prof. Kron assumed the role of Director at the renowned Yerkes Observatory, a remarkable astronomical institution located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin and at the time operated by the University of Chicago. This observatory, self-proclaimed as “the birthplace of modern astrophysics,” underwent a significant transformation under Prof. Kron’s guidance by establishing a summer workshop in science-technology-engineering-math (STEM) for underserved high-school students. The observatory is home to a remarkable 40-inch diameter doublet lens refracting telescope, the largest successfully used for astronomical purposes, and a vast collection of over 170,000 photographic plates. These plates record what the sky looked like a century ago, and Prof. Kron is currently working with undergraduate students at the University of Chicago to discover what has changed in that period of time.

Prof. Kron is particularly noted for his expertise in the study of distant galaxies and quasars, employing innovative survey techniques to expand our understanding of the cosmos. One of his most remarkable achievements was the conception and leadership of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, recognized as one of the most ambitious astronomical survey projects ever undertaken. Over the course of its first 8-year operational phase, Prof. Kron’s team accurately measured the brightness and positions of hundreds of millions of galaxies, stars, and quasars. His leadership extended to a consortium of over 300 scientists and engineers across 25 institutions worldwide, illustrating his remarkable ability to collaborate on a global scale.

Prof. Kron continues to push the boundaries of astronomical research with his involvement in current projects like the Dark Energy Survey, based at an observatory in Chile. Here, he works tirelessly to map galaxies, detect supernovae, and uncover patterns in cosmic expansion. His dedication to the Giant Magellan Telescope, the culmination of a century of astronomical research and telescope-building by leading institutions, promises to revolutionize our understanding of the universe.

In January 2021, the Dark Energy Survey, under Prof. Kron’s guidance, released an unprecedented collection of astronomical data and calibrated images gathered over six years of scanning the southern skies. This release, which encompasses images of nearly 700 million astronomical objects, stands as one of the most extensive astronomical catalogs ever published.

Prof. Kron is the embodiment of an academic leader who has made significant contributions through innovative scientific research, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is known in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics.

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

Sasha Wijeyerante’08
Activist and Social Justice Advocate

Sasha Wijeyeratne is a shining example of the impact young alumni can have on our world. After an inspiring and thought-provoking valedictorian speech at Webb, Sasha graduated from Swarthmore College. They are a talented organizer, strategist, and thinker who is committed to a vision of a more equitable and just world for all communities and people. Sasha’s journey has taken them across various cities, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Madison, Washington, D.C., and Queens, where they are leaving an indelible mark as the Executive Director of CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities.

At CAAAV, Sasha’s visionary leadership has transformed the organization into a force to be reckoned with. Their work has centered on sharpening strategy, nurturing working-class leadership, and galvanizing a movement to disrupt the harmful practices of real estate speculation, financialization, and gentrification in New York City. In neighborhoods like Chinatown and Astoria where Asian immigrants play a central role in the working class, Sasha’s efforts hold the promise of reshaping the city’s political landscape.

Sasha’s dedication extends beyond CAAAV, as they have been deeply involved in diverse social justice movements, including queer and trans organizing, racial justice advocacy, and political education projects. Their contributions span organizations like the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, DC Desi Summer, and the No New Jail Coalition in Dane County, reflecting their commitment to advancing social equity and justice.

The core of Sasha’s work is a belief that our communities will lead us towards liberation, we can transform ourselves and our people to build real power, and we must organize towards a world without borders, prisons, or binaries.

As a published author, Sasha’s words have furthered our understanding of important issues. Their work can be found in publications such as “Our Stories: An Introduction to South Asian America,” “Q&A: Queer in Asian America,” and “Queer and Trans Migrations: Dynamics of Illegalization, Detention, and Deportation.” Beyond their professional endeavors, Sasha finds solace in the great outdoors, often hiking with their faithful companion, Rain, and showcasing their culinary talents by crafting elaborate dishes in their kitchen.

Sasha’s achievements and advocacy embody the spirit of the Young Alumni Rising Star Award, recognizing young individuals who have made a significant and lasting impact on their communities and the world. Their unwavering dedication to social justice, working-class empowerment, and innovative leadership sets a powerful example for future generations of alumni.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

Richard Clarke ’63
Investment Advisor

Rick Clarke is a paragon of unwavering commitment and service with a lifetime of remarkable contributions. An alumnus of Amherst College and the Wharton School of Business, and with a successful career as an investment advisor, Rick has always kept Webb close at heart.

Since his graduation, Rick has remained an active and cherished member of the Webb alumni community. His deep connection to the school is evident through his regular attendance at Webb events and his active role in coordinating alumni gatherings, fundraisers, and casual get-togethers. Additionally, Rick’s commitment shines through his dedicated service on the Webb Board of Trustees during a pivotal period in the 1990s when the Webb endowment was structured, setting the stage for the current Webb Fund and Strategic Plan. During this tenure, the board also played a pivotal role in hiring Susan Nelson as Head of Schools, a transformative moment in Webb’s history.

Rick’s contributions extend far beyond Webb, exemplifying the virtues and values that Webb seeks to instill in its students. Professionally, he founded a reputable accounting firm known for its integrity. He embraced the Registered Investment Advisor designation, an emblem of client-centric financial services, setting a high standard that prioritizes clients’ interests over financial gains. Even when he sold his firm, he opted for a lower valuation to ensure the right successor would continue to serve his clients with care.

Rick leads by example. Beyond the financial industry, Rick has been a dedicated member of his local communities, actively participating in various volunteer boards and charity initiatives. His generosity extends to helping family, friends, and strangers. Whether it’s extending financial support, providing a temporary home to those in need, or donating furniture to local charities aiding in recovery efforts, his actions exemplify his unwavering commitment to service and the well-being of others. His humility, quiet dedication, and ethical compass are evident in his reluctance to seek recognition for his actions.

Rick’s contributions extend far beyond financial generosity, as he consistently embodies the ideals of a distinguished leader who acts with honor and moral courage. His commitment to service, community, and ethical conduct serves as an inspiration for all who have had the privilege of knowing him. His legacy sets a high standard for giving and service, not only for the Webb community but for society as a whole.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

John Scalzi ’87

John Scalzi credits his time at Webb with beginning his life-long career in writing, a career that has taken him to the stars even as he has stayed grounded with a connection to our school.

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction said of John, “if anyone stands at the core of the American science fiction tradition at the moment, it is Scalzi.” John’s books have been New York Times best sellers and award winners (including the Hugo, Locus and Dragon awards) and have been published in over 30 languages worldwide. His best-known books include the Old Man’s War series, Redshirts (which won the 2013 Hugo Award for best novel) and his most recent, The Kaiju Preservation Society. All of these are currently in development for film and television. Five of John’s short stories have been adapted for the Emmy-winning Netflix animated series Love Death + Robots; John also served as the creative consultant for the Stargate: Universe television series. From 2010 to 2013 he was president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, helping to promote the craft of science fiction and protect the creative and intellectual rights of writers in the field.

Beyond science fiction, John has had a varied writing career. His newspaper experience began at The Blue & Gold here at Webb, and eventually led him to being a nationally-syndicated film critic and columnist in the 90s. From there John branched out into magazines and Web sites, and founded his own site, Whatever, at which he has published continuously since 1998, and from which five books of essays have been culled. Beyond this, his non-fiction book subjects have included finance, science, humor and writing.

John has maintained his connection with Webb throughout the years, returning to campus for reunions, participating in online events for the school, keeping connected to his class and other alumni, and meeting with students about the art and profession of writing. “Webb was where I decided I wanted to be a writer, and the school gave me the tools and encouragement to become one,” he said to us. “It’s a debt I can’t repay, so I’m happy to pay it forward instead.”

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

Summer Swee-Singh ’07 

Summer Swee-Singh has definitely shown exceptional achievements in her career, all while staying connected to Webb through her music.

Summer is a composer, music arranger, pianist, keyboardist, string contractor, music director, backing vocalist, and music educator. From a young age, she has shown strong musical talent that has taken her to where she is today. To start her music career, she became the youngest person to pass the Level 5 Yamaha Music School’s piano performance and theory examination which earned her a Yamaha Music School Teaching Credential at age twelve. She was both a violinist and pianist at Webb as a part of Honors String Sinfonia and was the official Vivian Webb Chapel pianist from 2004-2007. She additionally performed as the pit orchestra pianist for Webb’s productions of Fiddler on the Roof (2006) and Company (2007). In spring of 2007, she took 1st place in the Claremont Region and 2nd place overall in the subsequent Southern California Regional of the Dan Stover Music Competition, having performed Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu. Summer was VWS Class of 2007’s Senior Class President and went on to attend UC Berkeley for her undergraduate degree.

Since graduating, Summer has earned a long list of musical accomplishments. She has many notable studio and touring/live credits with artists such as Polyphia, Bebe Rexha, Roddy Ricch, CHON, Circa Survive, KSHMR, Naia Izumi, Rob Scallon, Anthony Green, Chief Keef, Kings Elliot, Keiynan Lonsdale, Gashi, and many others. She has performed as a pianist backing Bebe Rexha on The Ellen Show, performed the national anthem as part of a trio for a record-breaking NWSL crowd of 32,000 at Snapdragon Stadium, and her YouTube channel has garnered over two million views. She recently played keyboard for Kings Elliot on a North American tour, opening for Macklemore and Imagine Dragons; the tour played famed venues including Fenway Park (Boston), T-Mobile Center (Kansas City), Rogers Centre (Toronto, Canada), Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Chicago (Tinley Park), Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas), and Banc of California Stadium (Los Angeles). Summer is also a featured “Coach” for Pianote for which she delivered an online masterclass on how to arrange music for solo piano.

Summer stays very connected with Webb and was featured as a musician with Unwind with Webb during the pandemic. She also provided music for Webb’s dance show Centum in January 2022. She enjoys staying connected to the Webb community through her music.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

Chip Greening ‘62
Retired Attorney 

Chip Greening has been as connected to Webb as you can be from a distance. A Portland, Oregon resident, Chip has continued to support Webb and keep his classmates involved throughout the years.

His leadership started during his time at Webb. Chip earned eight varsity letters (two in football, two in lacrosse, and four in track). He was a member of Block W and was captain of the track team his senior year. He was also a member of the choir for four years and was a headwaiter in the Dining Hall senior year.

After Webb, he dove back into service within the Webb community by serving as a class agent for 20 years, volunteering as reunion chair for several reunions, and maintaining a strong regional Webb presence in Portland.  Chip is currently busy planning his 60th reunion with his classmates and was a reunion chair for the 45th, 50th and 55th reunions, and served as a member at large and Portland regional representative on the Alumni Council from 2012 to 2016.  He has organized and supported alumni events in Portland at the Multnomah Athletic Club along with Larry Price ’61 and David Ditz ’72. He’s been a leadership donor for many years, and in 2007, in honor of his 45th reunion, he and his father created The Greening Family Scholarship Fund to provide financial aid to deserving students.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Jenn Louis ’89
Chef, Author, Humanitarian

Jenn encompasses the motto of Vivian Webb School in her work and life. Her wisdom has led her to the top of the culinary world, while her friendship has led her to exhibit kindness and compassion to everyone during a global pandemic.

Jenn has competed on Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters,” was named one of Food & Wine’s “Best New Chefs,” and her simple, sophisticated cooking style, utilizing seasonal Pacific Northwest ingredients, has earned her two nominations for the James Beard Foundation Award of Best Chef: Northwest. Her debut cookbook, “Pasta By Hand” published in 2015, was nominated by the International Association of Culinary Professionals in the category of “Single Subject Cookbooks,” and her second book, “The Book Of Greens,” which debuted in April 2017, won an IACP award. The book was also nominated for a James Beard Award. “The Chicken Soup Manifesto,” Jenn’s third book, was published in 2020.

She has owned and operated three restaurants and a catering business in Portland, Oregon. Jenn is actively involved with nonprofits including Alex’s Lemonade and Share Our Strength. She resides in Portland with her three cats, Wasco, Silverado Silverstein, and Tov, and loves to play the drums, work in her garden, and cook for her friends.

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Jenn has begun the Homeless Relief Initiative, which provides homeless people in her area hot meals, pans, jackets, and more. She is currently caring for nine homeless tent camps and others have joined in her efforts, bringing clothing and other essential items to those most in need.

This account from Jenn’s website describes her work and compassion: “During the pandemic it was more than apparent that the homeless community in Portland, OR was growing beyond its normal epidemic. The number of tent communities has been growing and those who are in need most are falling further and further away from being able to get any basic needs met. When my boyfriend cleaned his closet and had several warm wool sweaters to donate, I asked if I could bring them to a tent camp that I passed almost every day. After dropping them off I thought about how mainstream society thinks of homeless people as “other” rather than people. I was frustrated and angry. I purchased some rice and beans and made a hot meal the following day. I placed the hot food in a cooler, so it would stay hot, and distributed it amongst 7 camps of varying size. In the past month I have brought a hot meal to the same 7 camps 3 times each week. I pack all of the donated clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, hats and gloves and distribute them, too. Everyone can ask for all that they want or need, there is no limit. Every visit I ask what they need and make sure I have it on my next run (propane, dog food). The fourth day per week is spent offering all supplies and non-perishable food. I offer these things with an open heart and without judgement. I do not ask about anyone’s past, just ask what they need and what I can supply for them. If I gave someone a coat the day before and they ask for another, that is fine. Who knows if they lost it, if it got wet or whatever. All I want is that their basic needs are met. I am building trust with these lovely people and can see the small changes in our relationships. With basic needs met, I know that they can choose their next step, whatever it is.”

With open arms and a wide smile, Jenn has hosted Webb visitors countless times to her Portland restaurants. She remains an active member among the Class of 1989, always finding new ways to serve with a generous spirit.

Sameer Dholakia ’91
Entrepreneur and Investor 

Sameer represents all aspects of Webb’s mission in his work, the corporate culture he promotes, and in his generous time and treasure to Webb.

Sameer led Citrix to unprecedented heights resulting in the company’s sale to SendGrid. In 2014, he was named the new CEO of SendGrid and during his tenure, the company’s revenue has nearly quadrupled to $111 million in 2017. He led the company’s 2017 initial public offering. Under his leadership, SendGrid has emerged as a leader in customer communications, delivering transactional and marketing email through one reliable cloud-based platform.

Sameer has over 20 years of experience in successfully bringing high growth, disruptive cloud and enterprise software solutions to market. Prior to joining SendGrid, he served as Group Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud Platforms group at Citrix, driving the company’s product strategy for cloud infrastructure and server virtualization. Sameer joined Citrix in 2010, following the company’s acquisition of VMLogix, where he served as CEO and doubled revenues during each year of his tenure. Previously, he worked at Trilogy for 12 years, where he held key leadership roles in sales, business development and product management and helped the company grow from a start-up to a $300 million business. In 2019, Sendgrid was acquired by Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform.

Sameer has also been an outstanding volunteer and advocate for Webb. He was a reunion chair for his 15-, 20-, and 25-year reunions. He currently serves on the Alumni Council as the regional representative for Silicon Valley and has been instrumental in building Webb’s alumni community in the area by hosting alumni events at his home and his office in Menlo Park. He has been an industry mentor for young alumni networking, receiving calls or having coffee with recent Webb graduates. In May 2019, he flew down for the day to participate in Webb’s Innovator’s Edge panel. Sameer and his brother Sanjay ’87,a long with their spouses, established the Pravina Dholakia Scholarship Fund in honor of their mother to help deserving young women attend Webb. Sameer is also a member of the T&V Society, having documented a planned gift to The Webb Schools.

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

Ariel Fan ’10
Founder/CEO of Greenwealth Energy

Ariel lives out Webb’s mission every day. By starting her own company, she embodies the motto of “think boldly, mindfully and creatively,” and “leads with distinction” shown by the career path she formed herself. Ariel has always been an active alumna and that is demonstrated by her continued volunteering on campus, benefitting the current student body and the alumni community.

Ariel’s company GreenWealth Energy Solutions, a design-build energy transformation firm that provides clients with sustainable solutions in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and EV charging infrastructure. She started her energy efficiency career on the streets of Manhattan, walking door to door between hotels, bagel shops and dry cleaners helping small businesses save energy.

From her experience, she felt that green building technologies and financial incentives were so poorly understood and confusing to the public, so she made it her mission to create easy pathways for building owners and managers to save energy. After 5 years in New York, she returned home to Los Angeles where she managed a portfolio of 60 commercial buildings across California, working with utilities such as SCE, PG&E, and DWP to educate building owners on how to speed up the decarbonization of buildings. In 2016, Ariel was recognized as Southern California Edison’s Energy Efficiency Partner of the Year, which led to her founding GreenWealth Energy to continue advancing green building technologies for commercial, industrial and public sector buildings.

Today, GreenWealth is rapidly growing and has recently been certified as the only woman, minority owned business enterprise (WMBE) energy company certified for government and public procurement.

While a student at Webb, Ariel served on the Service Council as the Environmental Committee Chair. She also founded the Project Earth Club at Webb and spent many weekends working to clean up local watersheds and beaches. Ariel joined the Alumni Council in 2020 and has returned to campus on numerous occasions to speak to the entrepreneurship class about creating her own company.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

Bill Ripley ’60
Reverend, Retired Teacher 

If there is an alumnus or alumna who visits campus more than Bill Ripley, we don’t know about it. At any time, you may find Bill working steadily away in the archives room, helping the Alumni Office with Alumni Weekend activities, joining an Alumni Council meeting, or attending a Webb event.

Bill has dedicated his career to education. After graduating Webb, Bill started dedicating his life to service. He served in the Peace Corps for two years from 1964-66, and soon after was a faculty member at Webb from 1971-1981 teaching Spanish. He served as Dean of Faculty before becoming interim Headmaster in 1979. His mother was chair of the museum board for 10 years and his father was a member of the board of trustees. He previously taught at St. Lucy’s School, and he recently retired from teaching Spanish at Rio Hondo College, where he taught online classes during the pandemic, surprising himself with his technological savviness.

Bill is always representing Webb in a positive and informative way. He has served as a class agent for over 10 years, a reunion chair at multiple reunions, and Alumni Weekend volunteer for many years. As a class agent, he keeps his class informed of school news and events. Bill also helped the Class of 1974 with their 40th reunion and rallied other former faculty to attend their Palm Springs reunion gathering.  More recently he has served on the Alumni Council and spends many hours in the archives room, reviewing and sorting through Thompson Webb’s personal files, old school publications, stacks of yearbooks, and anything else you may find in 100 years of history.

In addition to his volunteer service, Bill has presided over the alumni chapel services at Alumni Weekend for dozens of years and helps to make the service a very special occasion. He is a staple at many campus events, such as the annual Head’s Reception for leadership donors, faculty retirement celebrations, student plays and dance shows, and many other campus happenings. Bill is also a member of the Hastings Society for his annual gifts to the schools and museum. He has given almost every year since graduation, just skipping one or two years.  He is also a member of the Thompson & Vivian Webb Society, having documented a planned gift. Bill is an active Peccary member who often attends alumni peccary trips in Barstow, as well as in 2018 when he and his wife Erin attended the summer peccary trip to Peru.

Bill’s service to Webb really has no bounds, and we are forever grateful for his continued service.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Maame Ewusi-Mensah Frimpong ’93 
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge 
Throughout her distinguished career, the Honorable Maame Ewusi-Mensah Frimpong has exemplified the Vivian Webb ideals of Wisdom, Friendship and Honor. Upon graduation from Harvard University, she worked as a public high school teacher in Ghana. After earning her J.D. from Yale University in 2001, she clerked for a judge on the Federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, worked at an international law firm and then served in the Justice Department during President Obama’s administration. In 2015, she joined the Millennium Challenge Corporation in Washington, D.C., a foreign aid agency run by the United States government. Over the course of her legal career, Judge Frimpong practiced numerous areas of the law including white-collar crime, immigration, civil rights, international law, and consumer protection. She was appointed to the Superior Court of California by Governor Jerry Brown in 2015 and took the bench in 2016.  She currently serves as an Assistant Supervising Judge of the Criminal Division and presides over a criminal courtroom in downtown Los Angeles.

Of being a judge, Judge Frimpong says: “I had wanted to become a lawyer to make society work better and fairer… and I truly loved advocating for my clients. Over time, however, I came to see that the judge is also an advocate – for justice and the rule of law. The more I considered it, the more I felt drawn to the role. And ultimately, the opportunity to grapple with complex legal questions, make difficult decisions, demystify the justice system for the public, and protect the rights of all who come before me was too intriguing not to try.”

Judge Frimpong has also been a strong supporter of her alma mater (from which she graduated as valedictorian) engaging with Webb students whenever she can. She’s been a guest speaker multiple times at Sophomore Career Evening, delivered the keynote address at the 2018 Honors Symposium, hosted alumni in her Los Angeles courtroom (including Jason Brooks ’99 and his class of high school students) and most recently, served as an alumni mentor for Webb’s first-ever black student-alumni affinity meeting earlier this year.

Blake B. Johnson ’95
Entrepreneur and Investor
“My Webb education has played a part in every success I’ve had – it taught me to think, to lead, to have a great work ethic. It taught me to think about consequences and not just in a ‘is this smart or stupid?’ way but in a manner which raises the more important question: ‘is this right or wrong?’”

With that foundational testimonial, Blake Johnson provides what he believes is the basis for all that he has achieved – and it is quite a list. Johnson has successfully founded and cultivated a variety of businesses which currently exceed $1 billion in valuations. Both Currency Capital and IM Capital Access (companies in which he was the Chairman and Founder), were named to the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, and several of his ventures have landed him on the Inc 500/5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies.

His most recent enterprise, Byte, a direct-to-consumer dental aligner company, has achieved significant success expanding to Australia, Canada, Europe and Mexico. In 2020, Byte converted their 150 Juell3D printers to make masks, face shields and ventilator parts for frontline healthcare providers. In January 2021, Dentsply Sirona announced that it acquired the clear dental aligner maker in an all-cash deal worth $1.04 billion. Forbes magazine confirmed Byte was the fastest company ever to reach a billion dollars in valuation that was not funded by venture capital or any outside investment. Blake Johnson built this unicorn in record time in what some have called one of the greatest direct-to-consumer success stories of the century.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Johnson is an enthusiastic philanthropist, supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the Boy Scouts of America (he achieved Eagle Scout status as a teen), the International Justice Mission, and MOCA Los Angeles. He was the chairman of YPO Los Angeles in 2020. Through his Blake Johnson Alliance, founded in 2015, he follows his passion for creating and improving opportunities in his Southern California community by providing grants to deserving businesses and non-profits serving the advancement of education, arts, sciences, and social well-being.

It will come as no surprise to the classmates who knew him that Johnson serves with a generous spirit – he has also been a consistent volunteer and donor to Webb. He is a member of the Hastings Society, having given to Webb for 20 consecutive years. He has also served as a class agent for more than 10 years, co-chaired his 20th reunion, and been a guest speaker at Sophomore Career Evening and the Honors Symposium. Johnson was also one of the first supporters of the Webb@Work program, giving young alumni opportunities to gain valuable work experience  summer internships at his company.

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

Noreen Barcena ’05
Immigration Attorney at Barcena Law Office
When Noreen Barcena was majoring in Psychology and Organizational Studies (with a minor in Chicano Studies) at Pitzer College, she dreamed of entering the field of Neuropsychology.  But while taking a course on Latin American migration, she performed an extensive research project on Salvadorean migration and realized that “the law” was the key to real change. The following summer, she clerked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and promptly changed her post-graduation plans. In 2012, she graduated from the University of La Verne Law School, after which, she passed the California bar exam and obtained her license to practice law before all California state courts. She established her firm Barcena Law Offices and promptly began the work of dedicating her practice to immigration, criminal defense, and family law cases – the firm prides itself as being a professional law corporation “built on the philosophy of putting clients first.” She was named a 2021 Rising Star for Super Lawyers in January and recently earned her certification for Immigration and Nationality Law specialization.

Of her work defending and representing the often under-resourced, Barcena has said, “Immigration law is a constant uphill battle of trying to keep families together, helping people seek refuge from their countries and standing up to constant criticism and backlash.”

Barcena has argued before the Ninth Circuit Court and is a frequent attorney contributor for Telemundo, ABC7, Univision and Hoy. She is a founding member and executive board member of Ferias Legales, a non-profit dedicated to bringing knowledge and justice to under-resourced populations. She is also a volunteer with the Catholic Big Brothers and Sisters Program, and an executive board member of Casa 0101 Theatre in Boyle Heights. She is a former executive board member of the Mexican American Bar Association and has served as a speaker for the American Immigration Lawyers Association Southern California Chapter. She is also an active volunteer of IMAHelps, helping to organize medical missions to populations in need.

Her law office also engages in extensive volunteer work with several nonprofit organization including Public Counsel, Al Otro Lado, and Kids in Need of Defense (KIND).

Barcena has volunteered her time as a VWS alumna by returning to campus as a guest speaker at Sophomore Career Evening, hosting students for Unbounded Days, co-chairing her 15th reunion and being a member of the Hastings Society in recognition of her consecutive years of giving.

One of her clients commented: “Noreen Barcena is not just a great attorney but also an amazing person with a great heart. Not something you can say about everyone in her profession.”

Click here to watch a video interview with Barcena.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

Larry Ashton ’70
Manager, Star Investment Company
Chairman of the Board, Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology
At the 87th Commencement Exercises for Webb School of California, Larry Ashton shared his childhood memories of meeting a paleontologist from Southern California at the Ashton family store in Vernal, Utah. Dr. Raymond Alf was an annual visitor to the family market because Alf and his Summer Peccary Trip crew of Webb students needed to stock up on supplies before heading out to fossil sites nearby. Larry would talk to Dr. Alf on these visits about Webb and years later, Ashton would see Alf again – this time on campus as a student in his legendary 9th grade science class.

When Ashton was a boarder at Webb (overlapping briefly with brother Michael ’67), he spent many hours with Dr. Alf, both at school and in the field, and he developed a deep affinity for the Alf Museum. Thus, as a devoted Webb alumnus, Larry has worked tirelessly to ensure that the legacy of his beloved teacher and the scientific contributions of the legions of Webb students who identified as members of the Peccary Society will remain at the core of the museum’s mission in perpetuity.

During Ashton’s 20-year tenure (2001 to 2021) as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the museum has transformed into a world-class institution renowned for its unique and innovative education and research programs. Other items accomplished under Ashton’s board leadership include renovations of the Hall of Footprints and Hall of Life, national reaccreditation by the American Alliance of Museums, creation of the Lofgren Research Lab where Webb students can conduct research on the specimens they find on peccary trips, modernization of the Malcolm C. McKenna Fossil Preparation Lab, addition of a compactor system for collections storage increasing capacity by 60%, expansion of professional staff (curator, collections manager, fossil prep specialist) needed to run a world-class museum, and doubling of the museum’s endowment – ensuring that the museum will continue to thrive in fulfilling its mission to Webb, the scientific community, and all who are touched by the museum’s educational programs.

Ashton has proudly made giving to the Alf Museum and Webb a regular part of his life since shortly after his graduation in 1970.  Today he and his wife Alicia are members of the Hastings Society, having made annual gifts to both the Alf Museum and Webb year after year. They regularly participate in the annual Giving Days, the Class of 1970’s Scholarship Fund, special campaigns as well as sponsoring the annual Peccary Dinner and other annual financial support through his role as the Museum Board chair.  The Ashtons are also members of the Thompson and Vivian Webb Society having made an estate commitment.

While the Alf Museum continues to be his passion, as Museum Board chair he also serves as an ex officio member of The Webb Schools Board of Trustees. Ashton holds a significant love for his alma mater and gives an equal amount of time to work that directly supports it. For seven years he served as Chair of the Investment Committee and now continues as a member on about 15 museum or school subcommittees, such as Finance, Development, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Ashton believes in active participation, virtual and in-person, as much as he possibly can. “I love my school and have tried to give back to it as generously as it has given to me,” says Ashton. “I take bragging rights whenever possible to our academic programs, our leaders, our faculty, our students, our staff and our school home, the Webb campus. I love and support all aspects of our institutions.”

John Lynas ’55, a Life Trustee of the Alf Museum, nominated Ashton for recognition by stating: “Larry’s generosity is legendary. He’s the first to volunteer his time, money, and resources. He always contributes to the peccary trips and makes his presence felt at conventions and other museum functions even though it’s not required. Both he and his wife, Alicia, go out of their way to promote the museum and to make others feel very welcome there.”

Don Lofgren, the museum’s director since 1991, described Ashton as the consummate cheerleader. “Larry has an extremely positive attitude in his leadership style that is infectious and inspiring, all who meet him are touched by his deep love of Webb and the Alf Museum. When Larry joined the museum board in 1999 and two years later was elected chairman, the museum’s path to eventual world class status was never in doubt as Larry and his fellow trustees overcame all the challenges needed to make that a reality. There is no better ambassador for Webb than Larry Ashton.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Guilford C. Babcock ’49
Guil Babcock was truly a well-rounded student at Webb – involved in El Espejo, Honor Committee, Chess Club, and as a Webb “waiter” (for which he earned a monthly paycheck of $19) – and he has carried forth that comprehensive view of involvement with the school through continuing acts of leadership and generosity.

Unassuming and always thoughtful, Babcock has worked behind the scenes to assure that Webb’s mission is supported via many activities, from academics to athletics, to alumni engagement. He is an exemplary ambassador for Webb.

He was well known for his math skills at Webb (at the time, he was the only student to possess a circular slide rule), a skill he carried forth to Princeton where he received his bachelor’s degree. He went on to Harvard to receive his MBA and UCLA for his Ph.D.. He spent a year after college graduation working as a Winant Volunteer in Poplar, one of the poorest areas in the East End of London. From there he continued to share his knowledge with generations of students through his work as professor of finance and business economics at the USC Marshall School of Business.

Babcock always remembered those who lent a guiding hand to him as a young man. He was especially inspired by beloved teacher and coach Les Perry (Babcock played football, tennis and baseball at Webb, and was the president of the varsity club Block W). In 1995, he established the Perry Awards and today the Perry Fund stands at more than $241,000. The fund sponsors annual cash awards to faculty, allowing winners to explore professional development opportunities. He also spearheaded a large gift that helped support the track and field renovation and scholarships for deserving students.

Alumni Weekend 2019 marks his 70th reunion year – a year to celebrate all the many ways, from reunion leader to campaign volunteer, that Guil Babcock has made important contributions to Webb.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Colonel John S. Rogers, USAF (Ret.) ’59
Service to others is the exemplifying credo of John Roger’s life – from his 26 years-long service as a pilot in the United States Air Force (during which he flew reconnaissance missions over Vietnam for 364 days beginning in 1969) to his leadership of The United Samaritans Foundation which delivers food to people in need in Stanislaus County, California. He is a member of the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus and Toastmasters International and is serving his 20th year on the Board of Trustees at Lewis & Clark College, now holding the position of Member Emeritus. During his Webb days, John was on the Honor Committee, co-captain of the football team, a letterman in football and baseball, and a member of El Espejo and Blue and Gold. He went on to earn his bachelor’s degree from Willamette University, before entering the Air Force, and received a master’s from University of Colorado Boulder.

Perhaps his most important work has come through his tireless advocacy in the non-profit sector. Since 1993, Rogers has been at the helm of the Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation, founded by his mother, an heir to the Carnation milk fortune, through which he has generously supported several important initiatives at The Webb Schools, including the Rogers Scholar and Rogers Peccary Scholar programs which directly benefit 43 Webb students each year. He is also responsible for funding The Mary Stuart Rogers Sports Center, home of Faculty Field and the Rogers Track and for helping the school to acquire the hillside to the north and east of the campus. John’s combined giving over the years establishes him as one of the most generous donors in Webb history.

Beyond Webb, Rogers, his wife of nearly 60 years, June, and the foundation also support the Gallo Center for the Arts, the Alexander Cohen Hospice House, Turlock’s Emanuel Medical Centers and Rogers Scholars programs at Willamette University, Lewis and Clark College, Cal State Stanislaus, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal State San Bernardino, and Gonzaga University.

A description that could easily be applied to Rogers – notwithstanding all the accolades he has received and his accomplishments –is self-effacing. In a commencement speech to the class of 2016, which included his grandson Tylor Bell-Rogers ’16, Rogers shared important life lessons with the graduates especially his basic formula for persistence: “Life will throw you many curve balls, strikes, and you will hit plenty of foul balls. But here is my simple formula for success. I call it the A, B, C rule. A. ALWAYS do what is right. B. Do your BEST, C. Show people you CARE.”

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

Pilar Mitchell-Campbell ’04
The years just after college are often fraught with big decisions and life-changing events, but through it all, Pilar Mitchell-Campbell has always kept Webb close at heart. After graduating from Pepperdine University in 2008, she went on to receive her J.D. from the University of Kansas – all the while, remaining a loyal donor (a member of the Hastings Society for consecutive years of giving), and an engaged alumna. She was on the committee for the Class of 2004 10th reunion and attended numerous events in the Los Angeles area. She’s even spent time with current students through her participation at Sophomore Career Evening, expounding on her work as a lawyer with Michael Sullivan and Associates, LLP.

In her job, Mitchell-Campbell deals with all aspects of employment defense, specializing in the firm’s workers’ compensation defense cases for the Central Valley WCAB (Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board). Sometimes her work takes her from Bakersfield to San Diego – all within a single day. She began as an associate attorney in the firm’s Westlake Village office, then moved to Fresno to become a managing partner at the firm’s local office where she oversees all staff and attorneys. Since moving in 2015, the office has grown to be one of the most productive within the firm. Recently Mitchell-Campbell was chosen by the California State Bar to be a contributing writer for the Workers’ Compensation Specialist exam and she has had two published Appeals Court cases.

Her brother Donald ’04 describes her work ethic: “She represents her clients with dignity and professionalism, and practices with such ethical integrity that even opposing legal counsel will bow with respect to her. She is a unique and unstoppable force in legal practice.”

Mitchell-Campbell has always been a Webb enthusiast. While still a student, she volunteered to extend the Webb experience to girls in the surrounding communities through her work with G.I.R.L.S. (Girls Investigating Real Life Science) Camp. As one of eight VWS student teachers, she helped shape the lives of 17 amazing girls as they all explored anatomy, marine biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics and paleontology. As one of the teachers, Mitchell-Campbell created and taught her own lesson plans and enthusiastically took on the role of mentor to the young campers.

“I have to thank Webb for all of the opportunities it gave me,” explains Mitchell-Campbell. “I would not be where I am today without the school and all of the experiences, friends and connections I made there.”

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

Miles R. Rosedale ’69
As the CEO of Monrovia Nursery Company, a group of landscape shrubs and trees, Miles Rosedale enjoys a green world, perhaps somewhat more than most. Founded in 1926 by his father Harry, the nursery has grown from its original 10-acre plot in Monrovia, California, to an internationally respected company that introduces many improved plants and has nurseries in the four corners of North America. Rosedale holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a J.D. from the University of Southern California.

Rosedale has described Webb as a “significant part of my life.” Rosedale has served in almost every capacity on campus: he was a member of the board of trustees for 30 years, from 1985 to 2005; and again from 2007 to 2018, and has recently returned to Webb’s board. From 1993 to 2000, Rosedale was Chairman of the Board seeing the schools through the Building Character Campaign, which, at the time, raised the most money ever for Webb – $21 million, surpassing the schools’ original goal by $3 million. He was also a generous supporter of the most recent Fulfilling Our Promise Campaign. In addition, he has served as director of the Alumni Association and as a member of the Board of Governors. His son, John Lovin, graduated from Webb in 1992.

Classmate Rick (Thomas Herrick) Robertson ’69 explains that Rosedale represents the mission of The Webb Schools in every way: “He is a man of his word. He expanded a regional business to national and international scale. He is a leader in his industry, and he serves and supports many non-profits, including Webb. Rosedale’s Webb experience has been visible throughout his life in terms of both sustained friendships from his days as a student and the business and leadership and ethical standards he has displayed during his working career.”

He is a stalwart supporter of The Webb Schools and a generous contributor to the Alf Museum and many of the important projects that propelled the museum’s status in the academic world.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Christina Mercer McGinley ’84
The embodiment of dedication to Webb, Christina Mercer McGinley has, short of teaching, been involved in almost every aspect of making Webb the community it is today. As a founding student of Vivian Webb School, she helped establish the traditions and pioneering concept of a girls’ school (VWS) that shared the grounds of a boys’ school (Webb School of California). She helped launch new customs and practices while respecting and honoring the rituals that had been in place for 60 years. So enamored of Webb is she that she is currently serving her 4th term as a member of the Board of Trustees (she is the first Vivian Webb alumna to serve as a trustee). She is also a member of the Hastings Society with 20 consecutive years of support. She was the 2002 VWS commencement speaker, and most importantly, her children, Tim ’12 and Corinne ’16 boarded at Webb – a steadfast endorsement of the institution that has meant so much to her throughout the years.

Her classmate, Patricia (Van Vranken) Kullnigg ’84 says that Mercer McGinley is “always willing to stand up for what is right. She learned this lesson well from Ann Longley (founding head of VWS and Janet Macaulay (a beloved faculty member).”

Mercer McGinley received her bachelor’s degree from Pomona College, and her master’s and Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside. She has taught at UC Riverside and founded Get Real Designs, a genuine gemstone jewelry business. In the community, she sits on the Summit Elementary 7-11 Committee in Ojai, Calif.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Blake Brown ’68
Blake Brown’s impact on The Webb Schools and the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology is undeniable. During his time as a trustee, and as a co-chair for the upcoming Centennial campaign, Brown’s support has reached every corner of campus. Whether supporting important renovations to the science lab, the museum’s research and prep labs, the museum’s Hall of Life, new faculty housing, Hooper Student Center and the schools’ recent acquisition of land, Blake’s generosity and leadership has been extraordinary.

At Webb, Brown enjoyed peccary trips and playing basketball and baseball. He attended Pomona College and later earned an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has remained close to his classmates and in addition to serving Webb as a trustee, serves the Class of 1968 as a reunion chair.

For 30 years, Brown served as president of John Tillman Company, which manufactures and supplies protective clothing for welders and other industrial workers, producing everything from welding gloves to knee pads and rod holders. The Compton-based company has production facilities in California, China, Mexico, India and Pakistan and distribution facilities in California, Georgia and Indiana. During his successful and storied business career, Brown traveled extensively, including over 100 trips to China. He retired from the company at the end of 2016.

 Museum Director Don Lofgren explains why he is so grateful to Brown: “Blake drove for Ray Alf on two summer trips right after he graduated from Webb. Now he is a trustee, one who has already made a great impact on Webb. A few years ago, there was no designed space for students to work on their paleontology research projects, so Blake and his wife Andrea created a state-of-the-art research lab and Webb’s unique student research program doubled in size. Simply said, Blake’s support of the museum has been transformational and the museum achieved world-class status sooner than expected because of it.”

Sandra Lee Rebish ’88
Sandra Lee Rebish has turned her passion for dermatology and helping others into an international brand with millions of fans. Lee Rebish attended the University of California, Los Angeles, and went on to earn her MD from Hahnemann University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pa. She became a world-renowned dermatologist, practicing and treating patients at her own practice in Upland, Calif., and running her own skincare line, SLMD Skincare. Yet her influence reaches far beyond San Bernardino County.

In addition to being a full-time doctor, Lee Rebish is an internationally-recognized social media influencer, known to her fans as Dr. Pimple Popper. Her videos have exceeded 2 billion streams with a digital reach of 10 million viewers around the world, educating fans about skin care and dermatology.

 “What stands out the most about Sandra is what drives her,” according to her brother Kevin Lee ’93. “Her compassion, her understanding of how skin conditions really impact people’s self esteem and her desire to help these people all over the world through education and effective products are central to her mission.”

Lee Rebish’s influence has only continued to grow through her TLC series Dr. Pimple Popper, an educational website called “The Pretty Pimple,” and a new game and book slated for release this year. Lee Rebish has maintained close ties to Webb and her classmates despite her activity. She hosted students for shadow days, spoke at Dies Mulieres, served on the Alumni Council, and presented at Webb’s annual Sophomore Career Evening multiple times, always happy to share her dermatology and social media experience with students.

Colborn Distinguished Service

John A. Sutro, Jr. ’53
While serving in every judicial role assigned to him during his tenure as a Superior Court Judge, John “Jack” Sutro always found time for Webb. He was a member of the Board of Trustees from 1976 to 1984, and from 1998 to 2009. Sutro also served as a class agent, regularly attends alumni events in San Francisco, co-chaired both his 50th and 60th reunions, and is a member of the Hastings Society.

Sutro graduated from Stanford University and later earned a LLB from Harvard. He was appointed to the Superior Court in 1993, and has served in numerous capacities including, criminal, civil, family law, probate and juvenile. During his time as a judge in Marin County, he was elected as Presiding Judge twice, and served as a member of Marin Court’s Appellate Division.

Not surprisingly, Sutro continues to give back, dedicating significant amounts of his time to pro bono legal work and to guiding and mentoring others in the legal profession.

Jim Drasdo ’63
Jim Drasdo has left his distinctive mark, not only on The Webb Schools, but on the corporate and non-profit worlds. In each instance, he has done so willingly, thoughtfully and fully.

When invited by Susan Nelson and Taylor Stockdale to participate at the highest volunteer levels at Webb, both as a trustee and to Chair of Webb’s “Building Character” campaign, Drasdo said that when he returned “I went all in,” a spirit that paid many dividends for Webb. Jim was interested in Webb’s ability to attract and retain excellent teachers, so in 1995 he established the Les and Barbara Perry Faculty Enrichment Fund. Each year, the “Perry Awards” are presented to deserving faculty members who embody the legacies of Barbara and Les Perry.

As Webb embraced the digital age, Drasdo was responsible for funding Webb’s original digital infrastructure, and when that needed updating 15 years later, again made a generous commitment that allowed Webb to rewire the campus with over eight miles of fiber. And if these efforts were not enough, Drasdo has been a key proponent of Webb’s proximity and connection to the Claremont Colleges, ensuring that the Schools seek meaningful opportunities with our academic neighbors.

Apart from Webb, Drasdo and his wife Wendy have served as trustees at The Nature Conservancy of Montana and filled leadership roles at the R3 Technology Initiative at Caltech and The Trust for Public Land. For Drasdo’s outstanding lifetime of service, Webb elected him Life Trustee in 2018.

“Jim Drasdo’s contributions to Webb have had a transformative effect on this campus. Students and faculty of multiple generations have benefited from his commitment, generosity, time and leadership,” stated Head of Schools Taylor Stockdale.

Young Alumni Rising Star

Gabe Romero ’08
When one considers the qualifications for the Young Alumni Rising Star award, it is only natural that Gabe Romero comes to mind.

As a student, Romero was an Honor Committeeman, Day Student Prefect, tennis player, and Mary Stuart Rogers Scholar. As if his schedule was not busy enough, he played a pivotal role in developing Webb’s golf program. He was recognized with the Coach Dan Pride and Horace Blackman awards when he graduated from Webb.

Romero studied Geology at Pomona College after discovering his love for Paleontology at the Raymond M. Alf Museum. He went on to earn an MBA from the Claremont Graduate School while working in Webb’s Alumni Office as an Advancement Fellow and serving as a US Army Platoon Leader for the 163rd Ordnance Company. His honorable, generous spirit shows in his current role as a Captain in the United States Army, specializing as a 67J Aeromedical Evacuation Officer. Romero completed an eight-month deployment in northern Afghanistan with the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade, and currently flies the dedicated MEDEVAC mission for the Alaskan Interior on the UH-60L Blackhawk airframe.

Although his career has taken him around the world, his love for Webb has not wavered. Through his role as a reunion chair for his fifth and now 10th reunion, Romero has kept his class connected to each other and to Webb.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Garland Reiter ’72
President & CEO, Reiter Affiliated Companies
If you like fresh berries in your cereal or fruit salad, Garland Reiter has probably touched your life. Berries have been the Reiter family business ever since his grandfather, Joseph (Ed) Reiter, and his cousin, R.O. Driscoll, established the Sweet Briar strawberry farm back in 1904. Today, Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC) is the world’s largest fresh berry producer, with farms in five countries and customers around the world.

Although its roots stretch back more than a century, the business’s modern success is due in no small part to Reiter’s bold leadership. After his Webb graduation, he began working summers in the family business to understand its many aspects. He joined full-time in 1976 after graduating from the University of Santa Clara. In early 1977, the untimely death of his parents left Reiter and his brother Miles to run the business alone. Miles assumed the presidency of Reiter Berry Farms in Watsonville while Garland expanded the business to Southern California as president of Reiter Brothers, Inc., in Oxnard. Reiter eventually became president and CEO of Reiter Affiliated Companies and recently transitioned to the role of executive chairman.

Success in farming requires insight, determination, and humility. “There’s so much you can’t control,” Reiter says. Since he can’t change the weather, he has focused instead on reinforcing the foundations of RAC’s business and its corporate motto: “Honesty, Fairness, and Respect.” Reiter has worked hard to promote those values in his company’s operations and in its treatment of its workforce. One of his achievements was making RAC the first U.S. agribusiness to offer a network of health clinics for farmworkers. Reiter has also placed great emphasis on community service through RAC’s corporate philanthropy program.

Reiter has been an active part of Webb’s alumni community for about 30 years and helped to organize his 35th class reunion in 2007. He has remained keenly interested in Webb’s commitment to developing leadership and character, which have meant so much to him and to his company. “Integrity was a core value to my parents and Webb deeply strengthened that,” he says.

Katy Carr White ’87
Chief Medical Officer, Los Angeles Christian Health Centers
Katy Carr White first considered becoming a doctor while she was still in grade school, but says it was her time at Webb that gave her “the confidence that I could do whatever I put my mind to” and the courage to think “outside the box.” Today, she’s a family practice physician who has devoted her career to bringing medical care to those less fortunate.

Between her Webb graduation and her enrollment in UCSD School of Medicine, Carr White took two trips that had a profound impact on her life: a trip to India while an undergraduate and later a mission trip to Mexico with Operation Serve, which confronted her with humbling examples of poverty and desperation.

After earning her M.D. and M.P.H. (Master’s in Public Health), Carr White helped found HOPE Ministries out of her family church in Paramount and became a physician at South Central Family Health Center in Los Angeles. In 2009, she became a family practice physician for Los Angeles Christian Health Centers (LACHC), which has two clinics and 11 satellite sites throughout greater L.A. She’s now LACHC’s chief medical officer. Last year alone, LACHC served more than 10,000 patients — most of them desperately poor, many of them homeless.

Carr White is originally from Upland and her older sister, Christine ’84, was part of the first-ever VWS graduating class. (Their younger sister, Keely ’96, later followed in their footsteps.) As a student, Carr White sometimes complained that Webb was hard, but it prepared her well for premed classes and later for medical school. She was part of the Honor Cabinet and active in ASB, serving as president of her freshman and junior classes and later as student body president.

Living in Southern California, Carr White has made frequent visits back to campus. She’s part of the Hastings Society through her consistent support of The Webb Fund and has given several chapel talks. She has warm memories of her time at Webb, crediting Laurence McMillin for teaching her “to appreciate each person as an individual.” Webb also left her with “an appreciation of multiculturalism and diversity of opinion, background, culture, and class” that continues to inform the selfless generosity of her service.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

H. Earl “Bud” Hoover ’52
H. Earl “Bud” Hoover II followed a well-rounded program as a Webb student. In his senior yearbook, Bud was described as “one of the most amiable personalities on campus.” During his time at Webb, Hoover served as a dorm counselor and dorm prefect, worked on Blue & Gold and El Espejo, and competed in track and field. He served on the Honor Committee and struck up a friendship with Les Perry that ultimately lasted over 50 years.

Hoover earned his B.A. from Claremont McKenna College (then Claremont Men’s College); served two years in the U.S. Army; and then went into banking, eventually becoming a vice president with First Interstate Bank. He has also worked in law enforcement, an interest encouraged by Howell Webb, a former FBI agent. Today, Hoover is extensively involved with nonprofit organizations, including the L.A. chapter of the Boy Scouts of America, the Boys & Girls Club of Palm Springs, the Palm Springs Historical Society, The Living Desert Reserve in Palm Desert, the Palm Springs Art Museum, and Santa Fe’s Museum of Fine Arts, to name just a few.

He served as a Webb trustee from 1969 to 1980 and as chairman of the board from 1973 to 1975. He also served as President of the Alumni Council from 1967 to 1969.  Hoover, who lives in Palm Springs with his wife Barbara, is a Life Trustee and a generous supporter of The Webb Schools. He’s a member of the Thompson & Vivian Webb Society and has established an endowment at Webb, the H. Earl Hoover II Fund, to provide scholarship support to students, a legacy that will contribute to the schools for generations to come. His grandson, Christopher Hoover Brophy ’04, is also a Webb alumnus.

Kimball McCloud ’67
Kimball “Kim” McCloud is living proof that the Webb community is truly a family, sometimes in a literal sense as well as a figurative one. McCloud’s immediate family includes five other Webb alumni — his brothers Kelly ’70, Mark ’71, and James ’80 and his daughters, Casey ’95 and Ashley ’96 — as well as a Life Trustee: McCloud’s wife, Claire.

McCloud grew up in Argentina, where his father, a Kaiser Industries executive, was president of the automaker Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA). Since his parents were expatriate Californians, they wanted their eldest son to return to the U.S. for high school. On a tour of boarding schools in 1963, the kindness of Headmaster Fred Hooper led McCloud to choose Webb. His Webb experience, which included a laudable soccer career, a term as president of the Chapel Guild, and some memorable photography for Sage magazine and Blue & Gold, convinced his parents to also send his younger brothers to Webb.

Because of that family connection, McCloud remained in close contact with Webb even after he went on to Menlo College and then Stanford University, where he met Claire and earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in geology. His burgeoning career in the cement industry took them out of Southern California for a time, but after returning to the L.A. area in 1984, he joined the Alumni Association, becoming its president from 1989–1991. From 1991 to 2006, he was a member of the Board of Trustees and served as Chairman of the Board from 2000 to 2004.

The McClouds have continued to support Webb in innumerable ways, giving generously both financially and of their time. They believe so strongly in Webb’s mission that when their daughters were preparing for high school in the early ‘90s, the McClouds actually built a new home in La Verne so that Casey and Ashley could attend Webb as day students. When Casey enrolled in VWS, Claire joined the Affiliates board, becoming its president from 1994 to 1996. She later joined the Board of Trustees, serving from 2006–2016. The McClouds have hosted many dinners and volunteered for a long list of strategic committees and task forces.

Although McCloud now lives in Las Vegas, where he is president and CEO of Mitsubishi Cement Corporation, he remains a constant and enthusiastic supporter of Webb and everything it has meant to his family for over 50 years.

Janel Henriksen Hastings ’87
Janel Henriksen Hastings was the first VWS alumna to become president of the Alumni Council. She has worked tirelessly to support, organize, and encourage Webb students and alumni at every level.

Henriksen Hastings grew up in the Claremont area and attended VWS as a day student. Even before her freshman year began, Webb’s beloved fine arts teacher, the late Christopher Trussell, accepted her for the Chamber Singers. He later allowed her to join the previously all-male barbershop quartet and presided over her stage debut in The Sound of Music.

Although she planned to attend UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television, Henriksen Hastings instead pursued a career in education, earning her M.A. in student affairs administration and policy analysis at Stanford and her Ph.D. in higher education and organizational change at UCLA. She later became director of the Office of Planning & Research at Scripps (where she earned her B.A.) and then assistant VP of institutional research at Harvey Mudd College. Until her family moved to London last month, she was admissions director for Foothill Country Day School.

Henriksen Hastings has been involved with alumni events almost from the start. She went on to volunteer for her 20th and 25th reunions and joined the Alumni Council, serving a three-year term as a Member-at-Large before becoming president in 2009. In 2012, she brought her humor and vision to the Board of Trustees, where she will serve until at least 2021. Henriksen Hastings has rallied alumni support for Webb events and strategic campaigns, developed new alumni activities, and hosted social events. She continues to lend Webb her considerable expertise in institutional research and student affairs.

Her leadership style has always been personal and inspirational. After attending a VWS performance of Stephen Sondheim’s Company in 2007, she emailed the entire cast with her enthusiastic congratulations. In her 2012 VWS commencement address, she encouraged new alumnae to embrace the spirit and “quiet yet essential leadership” of the remarkable woman whose name their school bears.

In an emotional email to the Webb community last November, Henriksen Hastings wrote, “Today, I was reminded of just how fortunate I am to be part of Webb.” We can confidently say that Webb is also very fortunate to have her.

Rising Star Award

Jessica Dholakia ’07
Jessica Dholakia embodies all of those characteristics. Her affinity for The Webb Schools began early on. She attended her first young alumni event in 2009 and returned for her 5-year class reunion in 2012. Less than a year later, she became an at-large member of the Alumni Council, where she still serves today. Despite her young age, Dholakia’s ongoing generosity in supporting Webb has already earned her a place in the Hastings Society.

Dholakia attended George Washington University (GWU), where she studied international relations and learned about the global flow of capital through internships and a project fellowship with the Pacific Council on International Policy. That fellowship gave her the opportunity to discuss important international issues with luminaries like former Defense Secretary William J. Perry and Gen. James Mattis, now the current U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Dholakia has since found her calling in marketing, a talent she cultivated while still an undergraduate. In 2013, she joined Independence Bank as a marketing specialist and a year later took a similar role at Direct Commerce. In August 2015, she became marketing manager for San Francisco-based Taulia Inc., a B2B supply chain finance company that supports small, medium, and large businesses around the world.

Dholakia’s leadership and strategy enabled her team to boost revenues by 630 percent in only one year, earning Taulia the 2017 Commercial Marketing Team of the Year award from Marketo, Inc. “She dedicates her day to day helping companies finance their business needs,” explains Dholakia’s younger sister, Monica ’12. “It is rare to find someone so impassioned about preserving small business.”

Monica also has high praise for her sister’s integrity and strength of character, values Dholakia learned at Webb. “Not only does she embody these characteristics,” Monica says, “she often challenges those around her to do the same,” extending Webb’s values and mission with each encounter.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Jon Congdon ’81
In 2014, the company Jon Congdon co-founded, Beachbody LLC, reached $1 billion+ in sales. Congdon and his partner, Carl Daikeler, established the business in 1998 with one idea in mind: to help others live healthy, fulfilling lives. To that end, Beachbody has become a leading provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss solutions – including the popular P90X® Series – with more than 20 million customers.

In its first 15 years of business, Beachbody earned several awards and accolades, including multiple Telly Awards and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Congdon was a finalist for Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2005. In 2009, he testi?ed in Washington, D.C., in front of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Insurance as a representative of the marketing industry, supporting the right to use inspirational testimonials in advertising.

Congdon has maintained close ties with his Webb family, retaining friendships with classmates, supporting the Affiliates Auction with Beachbody products, loyally supporting the Webb Fund, and in 2013, as part of the Fulfilling Our Promise campaign, making a substantial gift of $100,000 to renovate a Next Generation classroom in the Nelson Center.

As he was starting his own business, Congdon often consulted with Webb friends, Tom Courts ’81 and Chris Brown ’81.

“Those friends have been instrumental in making me who I am as a human being,” said Congdon. Sports were also a big part of his life at Webb – he participated in basketball and cross country and served as sports editor for Blue and Gold.

After Congdon graduated from UCLA with a degree in political science with dual emphases in Constitutional Law and International Relations, he began his professional career at Proctor and Gamble which he described as a “little too big for me.” He then began a period of mindful searching – including working as a parking valet in Beverly Hills, travelling to Guatemala to learn Spanish and eventually returning to the states to become a school teacher for 3 years. He went back into the world of marketing at Guthy-Renker, where he met Daikeler – the two men launched a national computer dating service and built a revenue sharing network of more than 100 radio stations to promote the concept. After that unit was sold to Cendant, the pair decided to start their own company.

Congdon cites his experience at Webb with helping him grow a company from humble beginnings to global recognition.

“Our teachers kept us focused on the future,” said Congdon. “Even after I left school, I remember running into [former Webb teacher] Henry Sharp at an alumni event. At the time I was in my globe wandering phase, and I remember him saying ‘you know Jon, when you jump back in, you’re capable of doing a great deal with your life.’ At the time I was a little hurt, but he was just still being a Webb teacher, helping guide me in the right direction.”

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

Dodd Fischer ’61
Dodd Fischer has had almost every affiliation with Webb possible: he is an alumnus, an alumni parent, a former trustee, a reunion chairman, a class agent, a campaign volunteer, a consistent major donor, and a regional host.

Classmate John Erving ’61, who acknowledged Fischer’s service to Webb, said, “Dodd has been crucial to the success our class had while at Webb, and to motivating us as alums to stay engaged with each other and The Webb Schools.”

Fischer didn’t actually start school with his class, entering as a sophomore, but he quickly made up for lost time – playing soccer, baseball, and basketball, and participating as a member of Block W and the California Scholastic Foundation, and as an editor of the Blue and Gold and a contributor to the literary magazine, Sage.

In between degrees at Yale and Stanford, he also served his country, as a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army infantry in the Korean conflict.

Upon receiving his MBA from Stanford, Fischer worked at several investment and stock brokerage firms; in 1981, he founded Storables®, a specialty retail chain that carries a variety of products aimed at helping consumers organize their homes and work spaces. The store currently operates in four locations, including two in Seattle, Washington, and two in Portland, Oregon.

Fischer has consistently volunteered his services to Webb through his participation with class of 1961 activities and through his service on the Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2009. He and his wife, Nancy, have also graciously hosted Webb events in Portland.

In 2005, Dodd and Nancy, established the Dodd Fischer ’61 Endowment Fund to support the operating budget of Webb, and Dodd is a member of the Thompson and Vivian Webb Society which recognizes alumni, parents, and friends who have made an estate commitment with The Webb Schools.

Former Head of Schools Susan Nelson described Dodd as “a truly exemplary alumnus in so many ways.” By almost every measure of the Colborn Distinguished Service award criteria – service, consistency of dedication, and engagement with the institution – Fischer has generously and ably demonstrated his commitment to The Webb Schools and its constituents.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

Peter Ziegler ’63
Peter Ziegler once wrote to his classmates about Webb: “The school played an important part in our formative years, and I think it was a contributing factor to the success we experienced later in life.” His classmates, in turn, have described him as “a very good man,” and “an excellent product of a Webb education,” (Chuck Bell ’63); and, “an indefatigable donor of time and talent to our school and much deserving of the Colborn Distinguished Service Award,” (Bruce Heintz ’63).

Ziegler is remembered by his classmates for his quiet humor and easy-going demeanor.

“Peter was successful in nearly every facet of Webb life,” recalled Thomas Butterworth ’63.

He was a perennial member of the California Scholastic Federation, recipient of the National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation, letterman in football and tennis, editor of El Espejo, a member of the Chapel Guild, and a two-year member of the Honor Committee.

Ziegler received his B.S. in industrial administration and organizational behavior from Yale in 1967, and his law degree from the University of Southern California in 1974. In between, he admirably served his country as a line officer in the United States Navy from 1967 to 1971.

Throughout the years, his affiliation with Webb has been virtually uninterrupted. He served on the Board of Trustees for more than 20 years, was President of the Alumni Association, Chairman of the Alumni Gift Committee for The Campaign for The Webb Schools and helped establish The Class of ’63 Endowed Fund with a major gift. He also made a generous bequest to the school during the Fulfilling Our Promise Campaign.

Ziegler was a lawyer for 34 years at international law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher where he made partner in 1982 and co-partner in 1999; he was in charge of the Los Angeles office before he retired in 2008 and during his time with the firm, he handled major corporate clients including Litton, Times Mirror Corporation, Grumman, TRW and the Tribune Company.

With his wife, Cheryl, Ziegler has also supported numerous non-profits in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

“Peter has outstandingly and always magnified and spread the values of The Webb Schools throughout his career and life,” said Wade Bray ’63.

“He’s living his life like Dr. Webb taught us to,” added Bell ’63.

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

Jack Wiese ’06
Jack Wiese has given Webb alumni who follow in his footsteps (… or in his wake), a lot to live up to. At Webb, he was an Honor Committeeman – upholding the schools’ high standard of integrity – and an all-American swimmer. He still holds a number of WSC records in individual events and relays; he was part of two CIF championship relay teams in the 200 medley relay and the 200 freestyle relay, and was a three-time CIF runner up in the 100m butterfly.

He’s also set records as he’s helped his class, as class agent, finish in the top ten for fundraising through the March Madness campaigns in 2014 and 2016.

At The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, from which he graduated cum laude with a bachelor of economics, Wiese served as president of the Penn Athletic Association and helped set the Penn swimming record for the 400 meter relay (swimming in the butterfly leg).

His enthusiasm for Webb is boundless – in addition to his work as class agent for the past 5 years, Wiese is serving as co-chair for the class of 2006 tenth reunion. He also spoke at sophomore career evening in 2014 – expounding on his career in Media Solutions at Facebook.

Wiese has worked in marketing and advertising at several innovative and creative companies including comScore, a global media measurement and analytics company, and Ignited, an inventive marketing and advertising enterprise. Today, he is a Client Solutions Manager for Facebook where he is pioneering one of the most relevant spaces of the modern economy – mobile ad sales – at one of the most revolutionary and significant companies of our times. He liaises with small and large companies to help them reach their target audiences for advertisements on Facebook and Instagram; his responsibilities encompass market research, data analytics and creative.

Through his work and his continued involvement with Webb, Wiese has continued to exemplify Webb’s mission to think boldly, mindfully, and creatively … and to lead with distinction and serve with a generous spirit. The Rising Star Award honors a young alumnus of the last 15 years who has:

  • Demonstrated exceptional achievements in their chosen field, or used their success to bring good to the world
  • Demonstrated affinity for his/her alma mater, including volunteer service, active engagement and philanthropy to Webb.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Louis Mayberg ’80
Louis Mayberg is co-founder and principal of the Advisor to ProShares and ProFunds, the Exchange Traded Funds and Mutual Funds where he served as president for 15 years until March 2012. Mayberg has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services and investment industries and has started or rehabilitated numerous companies. Among his recent activities is W2Fuel, a multi-state bio-chemical refinery and Convergence Development which focuses on inner-city urban renewal through home ownership by placing low-income working families into new affordable homes at a lower cost than renting. Previously, in 1986, he co-founded National Capital Companies LLC, a Bethesda-based investment bank specializing in mergers, acquisitions and equity underwritings in the financial services industry. He also managed National Capital’s financial services hedge fund.

An active community volunteer and philanthropist, Mayberg has served on a variety of international, national and local boards and currently serves as Hillel board president at his alma mater, George Washington University. He has a preference for entrepreneurial philanthropy and counts among his most impactful initiatives Securing America’s Future Energy and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

In 2005, Mayberg established the Louis M. Mayberg ’80 Scholarship Fund providing financial aid to Webb students with high financial need. Mayberg lives with his wife Manette and has four children plus a new son-in-law.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

John R. “Dick” Lynas ’55
John R. “Dick” Lynas has devoted thousands of hours to the Alf Museum over the past two decades and served on the Museum Board of Trustees since 2004. His volunteer work has varied from cataloging fossil specimens to reworking the collections database. Lynas has acted as a maintenance expert, at times assisting with exhibit repairs and modifications. He is responsible for installing the security camera system in the exhibit halls – having purchased, installed and wired all of the equipment himself. He also developed a photo archive database of peccary trips, participated in countless field trips in support of research efforts, and created a technically-correct sheet music version of the Peccary Song. As Museum Director Don Lofgren states, “Dick’s fingerprints are everywhere in the museum.”

Lynas spent seven years in the Navy, making two tours as a naval aviator during the Vietnam War. He also spent 25 years working as an instructor and field engineer on military flight simulators. Lynas lives in Imperial Beach, CA with his wife Sally.

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

Micol Issa ’05
Micol “Mimi” Issa has worked as an educator since 2010, most notably in Haiti, where she spent four years. At the Haitian Education and Leadership Program, an organization that provides scholarships to university-bound Haitians, Issa was the English Program Manager, creating a curriculum for those pursuing careers in medicine, engineering, business, education and more. Issa also taught an advanced English course based in literature and media studies and developed a leadership program based on Webb’s honor code. Her good work empowered hundreds of Haitian youth, giving them the necessary skills to help launch their careers, and her programs are still in place today. At Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti, Issa designed and led an intensive English program to prepare students for intermediate-level course work in computer science and business/economics.

Issa completed a Bachelor’s degree at Oberlin College, and this summer, she participated in an intensive Arabic program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She has shown her dedication to The Webb Schools as a consistent donor and co-chair of her 10-year reunion. This fall Issa is teaching 8th grade English at Brookhurst Junior High School in Anaheim.

Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Christian Holmes ’64
Christian Holmes is the USAID Global Water Coordinator, the senior executive within the organization responsible for developing and implementing the first global water strategy in the history of USAID. This strategy guides in some 40 countries water programs reaching approximately 4 million people a year.

His work with USAID touches a broad spectrum of sectors linked to water: food, health, education, conflict and climate change. Over the last year, he has worked in the field supporting USAID missions in Haiti, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Liberia and Kenya.

For almost 25 years he has served in a number of leadership positions with the Department of State and USAID, including as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Refugee Programs, the Acting Director of the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and the Director of the US Trade and Development Agency.

Other US Government assignments have included serving as the third ranking officer at the US Environmental Protection Agency, as its Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Administrator for Management.

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Holmes served as a Second Lieutenant for Civil Affairs in the US Army. He received the US Army Soldier’s Medal for Heroism. In addition to his extraordinary service record here in the United States and around the world, he has served Webb for many years as a trustee (1998-2009) and a class agent since 2000.

Holmes resides in Washington, DC with his wife Noel. They have two children: Elizabeth and Christian (a graduate of WSC’s class of ’05).

This award recognizes an alumnus/a for their significant success and prominence in their professional career or vocation, bringing honor to themselves and to Webb. They also have demonstrated exemplary service to the local, national or global community.

Colborn Distinguished Service Award

James E. Hall ’59
James “Jim” E. Hall is a professor of physiology and biophysics at the University of California Irvine. He has served Webb enthusiastically and tirelessly in multiple roles for many years: class agent, reunion chair, Alumni Council member, guest speaker and mentor.

Hall received his A.B. from Pomona College and Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside. Before joining the faculty at UC Irvine, he was a postdoctoral fellow at California Institute of Technology and an Assistant Professor of Physiology at Duke University Medical Center. Jim’s research work focuses on two areas: learning how cataracts are formed and investigating Amyloid beta protein, a major suspect as a causative agent for Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2012, in appreciation for the scholarship that Thompson Webb gave the Hall family, Hall and his wife Jean established the Hall Family Scholarship Fund. In the early 1950s, Dr. Webb frequently invited Hall’s father, a pastor, to give Sunday chapel talks. As a pre-high school student, Hall came along to listen, and during these visits, he became enthralled with the campus and knew it was the only school he wanted to attend. He is forever grateful for the opportunity given to him by Dr. Webb.

On the Alumni Council, Hall has served for 10 years and his most recent work involves the Teachers of Webb project. We are grateful for his contributions of time and treasure to his alma mater.

Young Alumni Rising Star Award

Stephanie Ho ’04
Stephanie Ho has already achieved a high level of professional success and proven to be a dedicated volunteer to Webb. Ho joined MGM Studios in 2011 and worked with the Chief Operating Officer on projects related to the company’s restructuring. Today she is a Manager of Corporate Development at MGM, involved with operations strategy and implementation, mergers and acquisitions, and financial oversight for new business departments and ventures. Prior to MGM, she worked in finance and international sales at OddLot and Sierra/Affinity.

Outside the office, Ho has been teaching for various Equinox clubs throughout the Los Angeles area since 2009. She helped open the company’s downtown LA location in 2013 and is currently teaching four classes a week at Equinox in downtown LA and Westwood. She was also a volunteer instructor for Cycle for Survival, an official Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center event hosted by Equinox, which raises funds to support research for rare forms of cancer.

Ho has a BS in Business Management from Boston College. She was a member of BC’s track and field team, which competes at the Division 1 level, and she is the current VWS record holder for shotput.

In her first year as the VWS class agent for the Class of 2004, Ho has demonstrated her strong leadership as a volunteer. She helped lead the Class of 2004s Webb Fund push to win the March Madness Challenge, and she is a co-chair for the 10-year reunion. She was also a guest speaker at Sophomore Career Evening in April 2014. Through her actions this young alumna has proven to be a wonderful example of the Vivian Webb School’s motto: wisdom, friendship and honor.