2020 Jobs Board

JOB: Associate Consultant, Mars & Co.

When: Fall 2020
Where: Mars & Co.
Webb contact: Jon Homidan '14
Mars & Co, an international strategy consulting firm, is recruiting for full-time positions in San Francisco (almost at capacity) and New York metro area for post grad students.  

Company Description:
Mars & Co has become a unique global force in strategy consulting – yet keeps a very low profile. With over 200 consultants in offices in Greenwich, CT, San Francisco, Paris, London, Tokyo and Shanghai, Mars & Co continues to expand its list of prestigious clients whom we provide services on an industry exclusive basis – something no other firm of substance does. At Mars & Co, you get the opportunity to help provide high impact strategic recommendations to Fortune 100 companies. We have a learning environment and training that teaches managerial and problem-solving skills that translate into any business environment. We have an atmosphere where professionalism and analytical rigor are both highly-prized and well-rewarded. The pace of your career advancement and growth of your compensation at Mars & Co are based on your contributions to our clients’ successes.

At Mars & Co, the Associate Consultant (“AC”) is a demanding yet very rewarding entry-level position for recent undergraduates. No specific previous experience is required. Qualified candidates are energetic and independent individuals with exceptional and demonstrable quantitative abilities, who can perform rigorous yet creative analyses, learn new industries quickly and work well as an integrated member of a project team. Once ACs have mastered the basics of their position, they are considered promotable to the next position in the firm, Senior Associate Consultant. A successful Senior Associate Consultant will be promoted to the level of consultant without an MBA and can follow the same career trajectory as MBA degree holders.

ACs are expected to be well skilled in the use of analytical techniques and possess basic spreadsheet and database manipulation skills. They should have excellent team skills and be able to express themselves well both verbally and in writing. This position requires detail-oriented, flexible and very organized individuals. Successful ACs typically have degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, Economics or one of the physical sciences. Mars & Co looks for high achievers as demonstrated by superior academic performance at a leading university or college. Mastery of a foreign language is not a requirement, but is advantageous. Candidates must have permanent work authorization to work for any company in the United States for an unlimited period of time without restrictions.

Job Responsibilities:
ACs are integral members of project teams which range in size depending on the nature of the business issues being addressed. Typical project responsibilities for an AC include:
  • Identifying data and information sources both public and private, including internal sources at the client’s location.
  • Obtaining data and information from identified sources via interviews, data downloads and data transcription.
  • Analyzing the obtained data to yield meaningful insights with limited guidance.
  • Organizing research output in a well-structured manner.
  • Interpreting and synthesizing the analytical output to yield meaningful insights.
  • Preparing presentation materials for the purpose of developing and substantiating conclusions presented to clients.
  • Presenting methodologies and findings articulately to clients and staff
  • Rapidly learning new business concepts and analytical techniques that can be creatively applied to client issues.
Career Development:
Mars & Co has a strict “promote from within” philosophy and Associate Consultants receive training via on-the-job experience as members of a project team and via formal classes and seminars. The senior members of each team will teach new consultants our proprietary analytical techniques required for making successful contributions to projects.

ACs are considered for promotion to Senior Associate Consultant once they have demonstrated their ability to add meaningful value to project teams and have mastered all the responsibilities of their position. Typically, high performing ACs have achieved these milestones within 18 to 24 months of joining the firm; however there is no set pattern for promotion.

Compensation & Benefits:
Compensation at Mars & Co is based on personal performance and is competitive within the Strategy Consulting industry. Mars & Co also provides a complete suite of perks and benefits to its staff including:
100% employer-paid medical, dental, life and disability insurance, generous vacation plan, 401(k) plan with employer matching and sports club membership.

Recruiting Process
To be considered for the AC position at Mars & Co, please submit your resume, cover letter and copies of your graduate (if applicable) and undergraduate transcripts via your school’s online recruiting site. Depending on each candidate’s level of success, Mars & Co conducts up to three rounds of interviews: one over the phone and two on-site. Phone interviews will include general questions about your background and interest in both consulting and our firm. Each round of on-site visits will consist of interviewing with 2 or 3 members of our consulting team and will include case questions as well as general questions about your background and fit with the firm. During final round interviews candidates will have the opportunity to go to lunch with some of our consultants. Our interview process also provides you an opportunity to learn about our people, culture and the work we do.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Interested in applying? Contact the Alumni Office at for an application form and more details. 

Many thanks to Jon Homidan '14 for sharing this opportunity.
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