Week of Sports, March 19-24

VWS Softball
The Vivian Webb softball team had a game Tuesday, March 20, a great team victory against Lucerne Valley High School. Webb won the game 38-3. Chloe Stewart '20 went 7-7 and Gracie Reda '19 went 4-5. Emily Arias '20, Keigan McCallagh '21, and Kaitlyn DeArmas '21 each had three hits while Euphy Liu '19 had two hits. Keigan McCallagh '21 had nine strikeouts, helping Webb significantly with this win. The Vivian Webb softball team has shown a lot of progress and this game, which was great preparation for their upcoming game against Archer on Friday, March 23. —Sophia Jahadhmy '18

The Vivian Webb softball team had a game Friday, March 23, against Archer High School. Vivian Webb suffered a tough loss, with the final score of 14-0. The Vivian Webb pitcher, Kiegan McCallagh '21 had 10 strikeouts, proving to help the team significantly. This game was great practice for the Vivian Webb softball team, and they continue to prepare for their upcoming league games. —Sophia Jahadhmy '18

The Vivian Webb School softball team showed their high spirits during their game against La Sierra High School on Saturday, March 24, at home. Webb lost 11-0. Sophomore Emily Arias had two hits for Webb. Both junior Euphy Liu and sophomore Doris Yuan had their second hits of the season, and freshman Isabella Shi had her first hit of the season. This was the first of Webb’s double header against the Eagles, bringing their overall record to 2-5. —Camille Ylagan '18

On March 24, the Vivian Webb softball team hosted a non-league game against La Sierra High School. The team played a double header which took a lot of endurance and strength from the Gauls. Although VWS played with tenacity and positivity, they lost the second game, 3-22. However, Emily Arias '20 went 2-2 in each game and Kaitlyn De Armas '21 had a hit in each game. The team looks forward to hosting another game this Tuesday against Mayfield. —Grace Kirkland '18

VWS and WSC Badminton
The varsity badminton team did a phenomenal job on Friday, March 23, with their win over Chino Hills High School, 19-2. The players have been working hard all season and their efforts are visible. Most of the games were won in just two matches. Mixed doubles Catherine Lou '21 and Albert Zhang '18 won their round one match with a score of 21-7 and 21-9. Another exceptional game was played by Abby Yang '18 and Macy Huang '18 with the score of 21-7 and 21-7 in the round one female doubles game. Breckelle Zheng '19 notably won a girls’ singles 21-11 and 21-16 the first round and 21-11, 15-21, and 21-19 the second round. Badminton looks forward to the rest of the season with many wins ahead! —Tara Helou '18

VWS and WSC Swim
On Tuesday, March 20, Webb swim faced off against Poly at an away meet. The WSC varsity team won with a final score of 99-81 with Webb’s relay races bringing in the majority of the points. The VWS varsity team swam hard but unfortunately lost with a final score of 78-104. Both teams competed well and brought in as many points as they could under the clouds. Lindsay Jung '19 led the VWS team with a total time of 2:09.27 seconds in the 200-meter freestyle which granted her a consideration time for CIF. Nathan Paik '19 swam an impressive 50-meter freestyle coming in first place with a final time of 23.76 with Robert Torrance '19 following right behind with a final time of 24.07. Overall Webb’s varsity swim worked hard in an extremely competitive meet. —Anjali Reddy '18

The VWS swim team had a meet on Saturday, March 24, against Mayfield. The Gauls swam well, however, in the end, Mayfield pulled the lead and beat VWS 94-89. In the 200-yard medley relay, our team of Livia Hughson '21, Mary Davis '19, Kennedy Becher '21, and Sydney Wuu '20 came in second place. Rylie Brick '19 got first place in the 200-yard IM and Becher got first in the 50-yard freestyle. In the 100-yard freestyle, Allison Lilley '19 came in first and in the 500-yard freestyle, Lindsay Jung '19 won first place. Becher, Lilly, Brick, and Jung also all swam together in the 200-yard freestyle relay and landed a first place win for the team. Hughson swam first in the 100-yard backstroke, while Brick swam first in the 100-yard breaststroke. All of these wonderful swimmers and the rest of the team swam valiantly, setting up a great meet. The Webb Schools swim team competes again Tuesday, March 27. —Natalya Bachoura '18
VWS and WSC Track
Webb track had an away meet on Tuesday, March 20. Chadwick, Mayfield, Flintridge, Firebaugh, and Poly also attended the meet.
WSC performed well coming out first with 171 points. Jeffrey Ran '18 placed first in the 400m run, Dean Woelfle '21 placed first in the 1600m run and Spencer Easley '18 placed first in the 300m hurdles. The 4x100m relay team of Ran, Chris Haliburton '20, Nick Martinez '18, and Nick Johnson '19 placed first. Johnson also placed first in high jump, long jump, and triple jump.
VWS did not place as well. Aliza Tyndale '21 placed third in the 300m hurdles, Kelli Henry '18 first in the high jump, and Bridgid Corbin '19 second in shot put. Overall, VWS received 23 points, bringing them to fourth place. See the list below for more scores from the meet. Webb track competes again at home on Tuesday, March 27, against Ontario Christian, St. Margaret’s, Whittier Christian.

300m hurdles: Aliza Tyndale '21, 3rd place
High jump: Kelli Henry '18, 1st place
Shot Put: Bridgid Corbin '19, 2nd place
100m dash: Chris Haliburton '20, 3rd place
200m dash: Chris Haliburton '20, 2nd place
400m run: Jeffrey Ran '18, 1st place; Robert Reiner II' 20, 2nd place
800m run: Luke Raus '20, 3rd place
1600m run: Dean Woelfle '21, 1st place; Jackson Bibbens '18, 2nd place; Matt Brailsford '18, 3rd place
3200m run: Jackson Bibbens '18, 2nd place; Matt Brailsford '18, 3rd place
300m hurdles: Spencer Easley '18, 1st place; Simon Dawson '19, 2nd place; Chris Arzate '21, 3rd place
4x100m relay: Jeffrey Ran '18, Chris Haliburton '20, Nick Martinez '18, Nick Johnson '19, 1st place
High jump: Nick Johnson '19, 1st place
Pole Vault: Jeffrey Ran '18, 1st place; Jacob Borello '19, 3rd place
Long jump: Nick Johnson '18, 1st place
Shot put: Christopher Conte '20, 3rd place
Triple jump: Nick Johnson '19, 1st place; Justice Thomas '21, 2nd place

Final Scores:
1- Mayfield 132
2- Poly 93
3- Chadwick 46
4- Webb 23
5- Flintridge 6

1- Webb 171
2- Poly 81
3- Chadwick 32
4- Flintridge 4
5- Marco A. Firebaugh 1
—Natalya Bachoura 18

WSC Baseball
The Webb baseball team hosted a league game on Friday, March 23, against Southlands Christian. The team showed up to the plate ready to play their best, which proved consistently true as they walked away with a 3-2 win. Senior Blake Pederson started the game strong. He pitched for the team and did not allow any runs, giving the team a good head start and setting the mood for the rest of the game. Sophomore Ryan Bridges struck out the last batter in the 7th inning with two outs, two players on base, and a 3-2 score. The team will continue to train and looks forward to their next home game against Oakwood on Tuesday, March 27. —Grace Kirkland '18
WSC Golf
The WSC golf team traveled to Catalina Island golf course to play against Avalon in a league match on Tuesday, March 20. Webb lost to the Lancers, 199-187, resulting in an overall record of 5-1 and league of 4-1. Freshman Jin Song led Webb with a score of 36. Coach Andrew Neyer is hopeful that Webb will secure an Avalon win at Webb’s home course next month. —Camille Ylagan '18

WSC Tennis
On Monday, March 20, the WSC tennis team traveled to Riverside to compete against Notre Dame High School. Webb played very well in all matches winning the game with a final score of 16-2. Tom Liu '18 was declared the player of the match after winning all three of his sets by at least 5 points. Other players who won their singles matches include Tom Huang '20, Leo Li '18, and Jun Kim '19. Some doubles partners who also won include Kia Nalbandi '18 with Juan Pablo Calderoni '19, Tony Jun '18 with Harrison Lee '20, Andrew Shen '19 with J.D. O’Donnell '20, and Garrett Revelli '19 with Jeffrey Zhong '20. Overall the matches were very successful for all the players, who were able to win most of their sets with an average score of 6-0. The season is looking bright for this year’s WSC tennis team and hopefully their hard work continues to pay off. —Madison Steinorth '18

WSC tennis had a league game on Friday against Riverside Notre Dame. The doubles team of Kia Nalbandi '18 and JP Calderoni '19 won all of their matches 6-0 against the Notre Dame doubles teams. Tony Jun '18 and Harrison Lee '20 also won their doubles matches, the first one 6-1 and the last two 6-0. Garrett Revelli '20 and Tom Huang '20 won their first two doubles matches and Jeffrey Zhong '20 and JD O’Donnell '20 subbed in and won the final match. Jun Kim '19 won his third game 6-1 and Tom Liu '18 won two of his games 6-1. Overall, Webb had a lot of very good matches with the doubles teams standing out in their scores and teamwork. —Claire Wagner '19
WSC Volleyball
WSC volleyball was defeated 3-0 by Orangewood Academy this Monday, March 19. Although the Webb team has a poor season record so far, they continually progress with each game. The game against Orangewood included some great hits by Willy Martinez '19 and Alex Xaio '21. Charles Wu '20 is the rookie middle blocker this season. The team has been seeing a lot of growth in his skills, especially since he made his first block of the season against Orangewood. Webb looks forward to two more games this week and hopes to see the progress continue.

WSC volleyball started off their game this Tuesday very strong, winning the first two sets against Rio Hondo. The first set was close as it ended with a score of 25-23 and the second with 25-20. The team began to struggle in the third set and ended up losing the game to Rio Hondo after they stole the last three sets with scores of 25-19, 25-12 and 15-11. Webb’s offense was very aggressive, but it was their defense that was crucial today as Rio Hondo also put up a tough offense. Highlights include several blocks by Willy Martinez '19, Hoyin Tsoi '19 and Bill King '19, as well as a few aces by Martinez, Tsoi and rookie Albert Xiao '21. Overall, it was a high-intensity game with lots of hustle on both sides. —Britany Marticorena '18

WSC volleyball played a home game against Pasadena Poly on Thursday, March 22. It was a great match between the two as Webb fought to beat Poly. The first match between them was a loss for Webb 10-25. There were great kills from Willy Martinez '19, Hoyin Tsoi '19, and Bill King '19 as well as some perfect passes from Wing Chow '19. However, in the next two matches, Webb was able to bring the game back to their favor with wins 25-17 and 25-21. A combination of great kills from Tsoi and King, perfect sets/passes from Chow and Roger Yen '21, and aces from Martinez and Tsoi helped earn Webb’s advantage. The next two matches, however, went to Poly, with losses for Webb 22-25 and 12-15. The third set did have some great blocks from Charles Wu '21. Webb played hard, but after five matches, the game went to the Panthers. WSC Volleyball plays again on Tuesday, March 27.

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    Thank you to the 1,500 alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents and friends who enabled Webb to end the 2018-19 Webb Fund year successfully on June 30. Your generosity helped The Webb Fund to raise over $1.9 million, plus additional support for endowment and capital improvements, bringing total gifts to $7.9 million, including 13 new estate gifts, which has become an ever-increasing and important part of our advancement program. Over 799 alumni, spanning nine decades, participated with gifts received from nearly every class between 1937 and 2018. Thank you for your contributions!
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