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Webb Joins Independent School Alliance to Increase Applications From and Enrollment of Students of Color

Working to inform, educate and advocate for students and parents of color currently underrepresented in independent schools in Southern California, the Independent School Alliance partners with its member schools to help families “demystify the complex admission process and guide them through the application submission, provide interview and visit suggestions, counsel on entrance testing, and if necessary, how to apply for tuition assistance.”

Founded in 1985 by member schools, ISA has helped to provide access and opportunities to thousands of students in Southern California—while also sharing diversity and multiculturalism counseling, training and workshops with school leaders.

“The Independent School Alliance now becomes one of several important partnerships for Webb as we continue our commitment to supporting diversity on campus. I’m excited about working with ISA leadership to build meaningful relationships with students and families in the ISA community. The organization has a long-standing tradition of recruiting academically strong and motivated students.

We look forward to sharing the transformational aspects of the boarding school experience with families,” said Dr. Jamila Everett, Director of Admission.
Prominent ISA member schools include Harvard-Westlake School, Marlborough School, Polytechnic School, Brentwood School, Westridge School for Girls, and others.

“We are excited to join this extraordinary alliance of independent schools in the Greater Los Angeles area—each working hard to expand and nurture cultural, racial and socio-economic diversity,” said Taylor Stockdale, Head of Schools.

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