James Demetriades '80

James Demetriades '80 began playing with computers at the age of 9, at Caltech, where his father would drop him off at the computer labs while he was visiting friends. After graduating from Webb, he attended Loyola Marymount University where he took a computer programming course which changed his life. There, under Professor Phil Dorin, he became passionate about computers and would frequently sneak into the locked computer labs late at night to play and work on the computers there. He knew that computers would one day change the world. He majored in Computer Science and Economics and minored in Marketing and Mathematics. Upon graduation he began working for a small software company, ICI, where he led teams that designed and developed financial systems for the Health Insurance and TPA industries. After several years at ICI he became interested in hospital software and joined a software company, PHS, that provided software for hundreds of hospitals throughout the country. There he was given the opportunity to be one of the first 10 people to create and join a new standards group, called HL7, where he become chairman of the ADT and Finance subcommittees. This standard has become the global electronic standard for communication between hospital information systems and is in use by thousands of hospitals around the world to reduce inefficiencies and errors inherent to data re-entry, and to speed up the communication of information to and from computers systems so that heath care quality can improve and costs can be reduced.

As the standard developed he suggested to his management team that a product be built to help streamline integration development between these disparate computer system while using this standard. His management team felt there was no need for this product and Demetriades decided to strike out on his own to try to create this product. While doing independent consulting and using his credit cards for to help pay for the software to be developed, Demetriades was able to get most of the major healthcare software companies in the world to standardize on his product DataGate. From 1991 his company, SeeBeyond, grew rapidly. Eventually the company would have offices in 30 countries, 1,000 employees and $180 million in sales. SeeBeyond was named, by the Gartner Group, as the global visionary leader in integration software and went public in 2001 and was sold in 2005 for $390 million.

Since selling SeeBeyond Demetriades has focused on raising, with his wonderful wife Nancy, his rapidly growing family of 6 children whom they home school.

Recently Demetriades opened Sierra Nevada Lodge and Rafters Restaurant in Mammoth, California. The lodge is a historic landmark in Mammoth.

Demetriades also enjoys cooking, hunting, fishing, reading, playing computer games, and has been a winning competitive yacht sailor where he has won both Big Boat Series and Long Beach Race week.

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