Webb Students to Present at National Paleo Conference

Dr. Lofgren
This week seven Webb students, Alf Museum Collections Manager Gabe Santos, and Alf Museum Director Dr. Don Lofgren will attend the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) meeting in Calgary in order to participate in various research presentations. At SVP, students will see research presentations by paleontologists from all over the world and thus experience how recently complied scientific data is disseminated to the scientific community.
Webb students were coauthors on two abstracts: 1) “Mammalian biostratigraphy of high elevation Tertiary strata in the Gravelly Range of SW Montana,” by D. Lofgren, D. Hanneman, J, Bibbens ‘18, B. Kong ‘18, and A, Tarakji ’18; and 2) “A new azhdarchid pterosaur from the Kaiparowits Formation of southern Utah,” by N. Carroll, A. Farke, S. Chai ‘17, and A. Oei ‘18.
The Webb seniors attending are: J. Bibbens, A. Tarakji, P. Raus, E. Lee, A. Bi, K. Henry, and B. Kong.
The paleontological research program at Webb continues to flourish as 58 Webb students have now coauthored a paper published in a paleontological research journal. Of the total number of 34 papers that have appeared, 22 were published in the last five years. The Webb Schools is the only high school in the United States with a nationally accredited natural history museum on its campus.

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