Sameer Dholakia ’91 Hits Milestone With Startup SendGrid

Sameer Dholakia ’91 rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange last month to mark the initial public offering (IPO) of startup SendGrid.

"SendGrid priced its shares at $16 each, above its original tentative range at $13.50 to $15.50 per share, raising $131 million for the company," Business Insider reported.

SendGrid Inc. is a cloud-based email service that sends over 35 billion emails a month for companies including Uber, Spotify, yelp, glassdoor and airbnb, according to the company's website. The Denver-based company sends everything from newsletters to shipping notifications to an email allowing you to change your password for more than 58,000 companies.

Dholakia, who received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Stanford University before earning his MBA from Harvard University, joined the company as CEO in 2014.

After SendGrid's IPO, Dholakia wrote in a tweet that the The Webb Schools taught him and fellow alumni about leadership, serving, honor and humility.

"I try to remember those lessons," he wrote.


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