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Dr. Farke and Dr. Lofgren

Jan 08, 2021

Alf Museum Director Transitions to Emeritus & New Director Appointed

After nearly 30 years with Webb, Don Lofgren, Ph.D., director of the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology will leave his position and transition to director emeritus on July 1, […]

Early College Admission graphic

Dec 18, 2020

Class of 2021 Early College Admission

Members of the Class of 2021 are to be congratulated for their amazing early admission results, which have earned them spots at some of the best colleges and universities across […]

Dec 15, 2020

Q&A with John Choi ’97: Challenges for 2020

Small business owners like John Choi ’97, owner of Seoul Garden Restaurant in Los Angeles, are getting creative and doing what they can to meet the continuing challenges that the […]

Nov 30, 2020

Q&A with Cameron Lutz ’11, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Music, Facebook & Instagram

There is no doubt that the music industry has been transforming rapidly over the last few years. Long before the extra complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic (cancellation of concerts, […]

Nov 12, 2020

VIDEO: Moments of Time: Snails, Whales, and Rodents with Jared Heuck

What do fossil snails, whales, and rodents all have in common? Toothed baleen whales went extinct 23 million years ago; was the coast of Southern California a refuge for these […]

Nov 05, 2020

VIDEO: VWS Alumnae Panel on Health & Wellness

Hear from Vivian Webb School alumnae as they share advice on personal wellness, women’s health issues and good habits during quarantine. The panel, led by Director of Parent Relations & […]

Oct 12, 2020

VIDEO: Moments of Time with Gabe Santos

A fossil is worth a 1,000 stories! Some paleontologists, they dedicate their careers to finding those stories, while others, they choose to tell them. That’s what Gabriel Santos has chosen […]

Sep 30, 2020

Two New Members to Board of Trustees

We are proud to announce and celebrate the addition of two new members to the Board of Trustees. First, Webb welcomes alumnus Lance Williams ’97 to the board. Lance has […]

Sep 30, 2020

Webb’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

This summer, in a series of letters and social media posts, Webb’s leadership responded to the call for support of and solidarity with its Black students, parents, faculty and alumni—and […]

Sep 29, 2020

New Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator Named

Science faculty and Webb parent ‘22, ‘24 John Choi has been appointed to the new position of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Coordinator at The Webb Schools. Mr. Choi will continue to teach his science courses, as well […]

Sep 24, 2020

Meet Artist Michael Moore ’60

Michael Moore is a nomadic artist, writer, and photographer who finds inspiration in the rugged, often desolate landscapes of the west. “When I was growing up in La Canada, I roamed the dusty […]

Sep 14, 2020

VIDEO: Moments of Time with Dr. Don Lofgren

Sixty million years ago, the northern Mojave Desert was a tropical coastal environment populated by turtles, crocodiles and archaic mammals resembling squirrel-like primates. This evidence was entombed in the fossil-poor […]

Sep 08, 2020

Three Elected to Alf Museum Board of Trustees

We are proud to announce and celebrate the addition of three new members to the Alf Museum Board of Trustees: Jeff Cripe ’08, Elizabeth Smith ’92, and Jenny Kong P […]

Sep 04, 2020

VIDEO: Unwind with Webb featuring Ben Davis ’11

Guitarist and songwriter Ben Davis ’11 kicked off our new virtual concert series Unwind with Webb on August 28 with hosts Kathy Fredrich ’02 from the Alumni Council and Laura […]

Aug 19, 2020

VIDEO: Moments of Time with Dr. Andy Farke

Dr. Andy Farke, a horned dinosaur expert and the Augustyn Family Curator and Director of Research & Collections at the Alf Museum, was the featured speaker for the Moments of […]

Jul 30, 2020

PODCAST: Medieval Scholar Mary Flannery ’98 on the BBC

Medievalist and writer Mary Flannery ’98, PhD was recently on the BBC podcast The Forum discussing 14th century poet Geoffrey Chaucer: “One of the reasons Chaucer’s been called the father […]

Jul 23, 2020

Kane Willis ’11 Named New Upper School Dean at Poly Prep

Kane Willis ’11 is the new Upper School Dean at Poly Prep Country Day, an independent school in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1854, Poly Prep has over 1,100 students, […]

Jul 22, 2020

Meet Ragni Agarwal ’99

“Art has always been a big part of my life.” Ragni Agarwal ’99 is a graphic designer and illustrator who shares her passion for mental health and body positivity through […]

Jul 17, 2020

Ratan ’77 Inducted into Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars

Dr. Raj Ratan ’77 has been inducted into the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars, which honors individuals who have achieved professional or scholarly distinction in their chosen field. It is […]

Jul 07, 2020

Class of 2020 — College Choices

We are pleased to remember the members of the Class of 2020, that even during these very difficult circumstances, were offered admission into some of the finest colleges and universities across the country and around the world!

Jul 02, 2020

2020-21 Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is pleased to welcome four new members for the 2020-21 year. Ariel Fan ’10, Jennifer Ishiguro ’91 and Nihar Shah ’04 are new Members-at-Large and Henry Xu […]

Jun 26, 2020

Rob Tsuyuki ’85 of INKnBURN

Robot. Peace. Dragon. Sakura. These are just some of the unique mask designs by Rob Tsuyuki ’85s company, INKnBURN! Since March, INKnBURN has been producing 3-layer masks with new styles available each […]

May 11, 2020

VIDEO: Webb Together Online with Zamia Cohen ’95

Zamia Cohen ’95 of Good Human Fitness shared some healthy living tips on our Instagram Live event. She is the founder and CEO of Good Human Fitness. Since sheltering in […]

Apr 30, 2020

VIDEO: Webb Together Online with John Scalzi ’87

John Scalzi ’87s new release The Last Emperox appeared on the New York Times bestselling list in April 2020. He was a guest speaker on our online series Webb Together Online to […]

Apr 23, 2020

VIDEO: Webb Together Online with Yosh Han ’89

Meditation and mindfulness are easy and useful ways to create space for yourself and bring attention and awareness to the present moment. Yosh Han is a Reiker healer and a […]

Jun 24, 2019

22-1/2 Minutes with Blake Johnson ’95

Talking to entrepreneur Blake Johnson about The Webb Schools makes for an easy interview because his answer to almost any question about Webb’s impact on his personal life, his business […]

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